Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Discovered Gothic Arches...

Through Wiggles who has organised a swap on Docrafts. I think I may be hooked, they are a nice size to work on, slightly bigger than an ATC.
I spent yesterday trying to produce something of worth with my Encaustic Iron (or Enthusiastic wax as my daughter calls it, mind you she has every right to be enthusiastic cos she gets much better results than me) I was supposed to be doing some ATC's for a swap on 'ATC's for all' but I am ashamed to say I had to pull out of the swap because nothing I did I was happy with, and to my mind if you aren't pleased with it then it shouldn't be sent off to swap with some other poor unsuspecting soul. But anyway all was not lost, I used some of my waxy things on these Gothic Arches and am quite pleased with how they look here.
These all have a different technique, Top Left, is an Acrylic background, collaged with text from a book and covered with a translucent glaze. The image which is rather apt in it's shape is stamped onto acetate.. the rest is pretty obvious. I think this is probably my least favourite, I try but I just don't work well with these colours.
Top Right.... not sure you can see from the photo, but it is 3d. The arch was cut from 5mm foamboard, and has 'windows' cut out of it. Covered with decopatch paper and embellished.
Bottom Left.... this is using some of my encaustic stuff... using the tissue/wax method. I love the effect it gives.
Bottom Right.. This Arch opens as a card would and the encaustic wax background gives a stained glass effect... well that was the idea, but the colours/shapes led me to used my Indian Elephant Stamp.
Well that's my crafting for the day..... now I could either go and clear up the mess I have made in my craft room, or I could watch the latest Harry Potter film with the kids.....
for more info on Arches and templates, check out Wiggles' Blog or Gothic Arches


  1. They are stunning, l love looking at your work, wiggles xx

  2. Wow, so happy I discovered your blog. Have just started toying with the idea of getting back into atc's. LOVE the jigsaw pieces! Never in the world would have thought of them as a canvas! Have blog rolled your post!

  3. yeah!!! these are another great addition to your collection/blog - wonder if 3mm foamboard would work as well

  4. Love Gothic arches. Like the way you've used different techniques. All work really well.

  5. Wow! I love every one of them.

  6. Is there no end to your talents Mrs !


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