Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Monday, 31 May 2010

Hen Art??

OK OK so I may be getting a bit obsessed by my Chickens - so much so that I have made a canvas to mark their new found freedom, it didn't quite start out that way though!

Lynn from The Altered Element sent me some Crafty Notion Spraypaques this month along with some Puff Paint, I have already used some of the paint on the Cup/Saucer below, but this time used them along with the Puff paint on this canvas

The Puff Paint is great fun to use, you smear it on - well I do - sure the more refined amongst you may use a spatula or something, but whilst I have fingers I can think of no better tool to use (at least I dont lose them!) - and then dry it with your heatgun and it expands into.... - well a puffy shape - cool eh?
I then sprayed/painted mine with the Spraypaque and cosmic shimmers along with acrylic paint. You can also stitch into it, I haven't tried that yet but intend to on a future project.

Hels Sunday Stamper Challenge this week was 'Wings' and as I haven't played along with Hels for a few weeks I thought it was a good starting point for my project - you see I like Angels (hold that thought) and I am reading 'Who's your Dada' by Linda and Opie O'Brien - which is the book for my personal monthly challenge for June (for future reference hold the thought that I don't like dolls ) but I do like Gargoyles and Angels - so this was supposed to be a Gargoyle Angel.

I had this wooden Gothic Arch - which goes well with Gargoyles -
I didn't have any Grungeboard wings left so I cut my own Angel Wings out freehand

Assembled Head/Arch/Keys for legs (I like that bit LOL) and then wings............... ummmmm the wings looked more Birdie than Angelie.. so The Chicken Theme came about and I made a metal chicken's head, in true Upcycling I used an empty tomato puree tube purely because it is such a lovely colour!

OK OK so my thought processes do take a few twist and turns along the way but that's OK, projects may not turn out as I initially imagined them, but that means they don't turn out 'wrong' !

So that's my project for this weekend!

Hope it made you smile just a little bit, my chooks make me smile and I hope they are enjoying their new found freedom, but whilst we are on the subject just take a look at the picture below and see the conditions they were living in, I hope it makes people think twice before buying eggs from Battery Hens!


  1. Wonderful piece, the puff paint looks really cool, and painted, even better!

  2. Love the canvass Nicks, scrummy yummy colours.
    but ohh the hens, it's heart wrenching.....
    I always buy free range.

    How are they getting on with the cats?!

  3. Ohhh I love it, love the colour and texture so much.
    hugs June xxxx

  4. Oh I DO like the look of the painting on your canvases. Fabulous! Great colours :-)
    And just so you know, I only ever eat free range eggs!!!

  5. love your artwork...we hvd turns out our yard was too small so they went to a local farm!!!xxx

  6. Love the puff paint, another must have, looks terrific texture. Yes it did make me smile... especially that
    Annette x

  7. It brought a smile to my face, a tonic on this wet day in Perth. Good of you to bring the plight of battery hens/chickens to the attention of people. Don't eat eggs myself as I am a strict vegetarian so completely support your feathered friends! Lynne x

  8. I don't know this medium but you do nice effects with :-)

  9. I have to say chickens arn't really my thing lol but i do love the textured canvas :) i will have to add puffy paint and webby stuff to my want list now!


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