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Sunday, 30 May 2010

What a difference a week makes.......

If you are one of the lovely people who follows my blog you may recall that last Sunday we became the proud owners of five rescue hens - well you couldn't really avoid the fact because I may have mentioned it once or twice - they are such a part of the family already, that it seems they have been here forever! We are overrun with eggs, even though we were told they may not lay for a week or two, but we are averaging about 3-4 a day. 
They came to us in better condition than we imagined, but were a bit bedraggled and scrawny, espeically Bebe. We were also told that they may be a bit confused over food, as they were only used to eating 'Layers mash' which is just like sawdust so we should introduce other foods slowly and they may be a bit nervous and scared of their new found space- no so with our girls, they are eating like billyo (sp?) and we extended their run today so they are almost free-ranging in the garden, and they just love the extra space.
If you scroll down to my previous post you can see how they were this time last week - but here are a few snaps of how they look today, as my post title says 'what a difference a week makes'!

Babs (the bully - obviously does not take after her namesake)

Bebe - (the smallest and lowest in the pecking order, but beginning to work her way up)

Ejay (always the first to greet me and have a little chat)

Kentucky (like her master the joker in the pack and eats anything and everything and has a very bad case of 'bed head' with her comb)
Susie (like her mistress, thinks she is the boss (but isn't) and has to be right in the middle of the action)
Bless them all, they have such different personalities, they are a joy to watch!
If you like chickens and are at all interested, I hope to do a Chicken post every Sunday with updated photo's so we at least can see how they change over the weeks.
Anyone for a Fried Egg Sandwich??
PS... I have actually found some time today to do some artyfarty stuff (guess what its to do with my girls in a rather obscure way) will hopefully finish if off tomorrow. Also I have just made plans to go to The Craft Barn Extravaganza in June - well I couldn't pass up a chance to visit The Best Ones and see Suze Weinburg and loads of other fabulous artists in action could I ? - anyone else going??


  1. Wow Nick, they are positively thriving, they look great, you are obviously thrilled with their progress. Fried Egg Sandwich...??? Oooh yes please........
    Annette xx

  2. They look so different and happy already (if chickens can look happy)! It must be great to see the change in them xxx

  3. Blimey mate they are good looking birds !

    Jammy bugger about the craft barn

  4. Oh Nicks, I have so wanted my own chickens for so many years now but my OH doesn't want the responsibility after losing our cats and dog, will have to wear him down! I just love your felt work, I have just bought myself a book to have a go. The cup and saucer are amazing and I just love the apple. You're one talented lady!
    x Michelle

  5. Its wonderful to see them so happy!

  6. Gosh they are positively thriving Nicks.
    can I have my egg poached please?! lol
    ooh Craft Barn? I am off to look!

  7. Awwww they is booooooooooooootiful! KT

  8. How lucky are they to find such a kind and caring new family to look after them, bless x

  9. your hens are looking great...yes im going to the craft barn on both days...what day are you going?

  10. I am green with envy... would love some hens but think AlfieCat would have something to say about that! Anyways.. sling a couple of those eggs my way, a fresh egg...perfection! Hope you continue to have fun with these little cuties x

  11. Don't they look gorgeous - and aren't they pretty. You will soon be able to add feathers to your masterpieces. Sounds as if you get the same number of eggs as my American friend does (he has same number of chickens although he lost some to whatever eats them in the USA). Eileen Alana

  12. I think thye are very lucky chooks - am only the teensiest bit jealous - but love my greenhouse !

  13. Hiya, I have a lovely house all ready for some chickens and would love to rescue some to live in it! Have no idea how to go about it, where did you get yours from???


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