Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mother and Son..

My Son is the worlds best scavenger and is often coming home with treasures for Mummy, a few months ago he came home with this lovely bit of wood from a walk in the forest and I knew I just had to use it somehow. So that's why I was over the moon when Lynne sent me some Paverpol in my first DT pack and I knew I just had to use it with my piece of wood. I originally had the idea of making a Forest Fairy but the shape of the wood looked very comfy so my fairy laid down, and then it just reminded me of the lovely times every parent and child enjoys playing 'aeroplanes' So it became a tribute to every Mother and Son and the special relationship they enjoy. Ok I may have just made my legs longer and my waist slimmer but I can dream cant I?

Here is the piece of wood... beautiful don't you think? or is it just me?
After my post yesterday a few people have asked me what Paverpol is. It is a Textile Hardener which allows you to sculpt with fabric. It is Weather/Frost Proof so can be used to make stunning Garden Ornaments, but it can be used in loads of ways, figurines, jewellery, pots... the only limit is your imagination!

To make a figure you start with a wire armature , which you cover/pad out with aluminium foil

This is then covered with strips of T-Shirt material and then 'dressed' I used a pre-dyed piece of muslin for this project but for the last figure I made I painted 'Tilly' with acrylic paint (if you use paint and want to put your figure outside you will need to varnish it)

Check out YouTube for some better explanations than I can give or check out
Paverpol is available here
Be warned its very messy
Be Warned its great fun
Be Warned you will get addicted!


  1. I am lucky enough to have the original 'Tilly' and will treasure her forever, but this is beautiful. So inspiring. Well done xx

  2. You should be very proud of yourself Nicks - It's a stunning piece of work! Well done.

  3. WOW This is absolutely amazing !!!! such a beautiful piece of art work xxxx

  4. This is really incredible, well done!

  5. I think it is totally unfair and thoughtless of you to produce such great stuff using a product I know nothing about and now feel a very, very strong urge to investigate and indulge in! How could you? Sheila
    PS I love it!

  6. Nick - this is fantastic and so full of life and love! You've really highlighted that special bond between son and own, in fact, as I frequently hold Jason out in my arms like that when we play on the floor!
    Love it!

  7. Stunning Nicks and such a personal work of art. I've been looking for a way to use textiles in my crafting and by golly I think this is the stuff to use! As to the lump of wood, you only have to look at my new blog header to see that I love quirky bits like this. Love what you've done with yours!
    x Michelle

  8. WOW this is just awsome hunny, i started a paverpol tree many moons ago and its still not finished

  9. What a beautiful piece. I want to get some of this to play with. *goes to check Blick online*

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  11. This is so interesting. I spied this product over at Lynne's before and it got me curious but this is the first time I have seen it in "action". You are incredibly talented. Lynne M x


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