Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's that time again - WOYWW

Just the one picture today and a quickie post and nothing too exciting to report, as you can see it is in its usual state today and I have roughly a six inch square to work in, but my excuse is that I haven't actually been in the room lately, only to collect supplies as I have been working on my latest project (below) in the kitchen as I needed much more space! I have just got in from an arduous mornings shopping in Norwich -tell me do you think the copper scouring pads I have just bought from £Land will unravel to give me some nice copper netting? and is it too much to hope that it is real copper which will colour nicely when I heat it?- when I arrived hope I found a lovely package from The Altered Element with some of their new paints, Eco paints.... I will report back on them when I have had a chance of a play, at the moment you can still see them nicely packed up on my desk, along with a new Karantha Stamp, Challenge. Other than that there are bottles of colourwash, still not put away since I dyed some dishcloths to use with the Paverpol.... Oh I mustn't sit around here chatting, I must go and tidy up a bit cos I feel a bit guilty now. I'll have a nosey around other peoples desks later this evening when I get a chance to sit down.

Before I go, I will just share this quote that I read the other day and has had me thinking this week (makes a change I know) but how true is this..... Think I will be using this in a project soon

People are made to be Loved and Things are made to be Used. There is so much confusion in this World because People are being Used and Things are being Loved.

I can't find who actual wrote it, so can't attributite to anyone.

Oh..... talking of projects, I could have shown you my new oven.. bargain bargain buy from 'Cheapcycle' a Worktop oven which I will dedicate just to clay and plastic etc.I havent had my clay out for quite a while as I have been clay ovenless, so think thats the next thing on the list



  1. I don't recognise that quote but I am guessing they were not a crafter *LOL*
    As for no anal order for foam pads ... I am in shock ... heavens above ... willy nilly ... Have you no shame???? Great desk BTW ... plenty of room there ... if you push back really really hard X

  2. i like the quote, it's interesing

    oooh i'm excited to see your unravel some copper scourers - i am interested to see if it works!!!

  3. I dedicated clay oven - wow!
    I was looking at those copper scouring pads last!

  4. Scouring pads? Dishcloths? I love the way you use cleaning products Nicks - beats Spring cleaning any day :-) LOL x

  5. Your desk is quite....rmmm.. full! Not much room there - but I looked at your projects and they are lovely - I don't know much about the art stuff so I can't comment on that but I can say that the quote you have shared with us is lovely and should be thought about a lot!

  6. Still haven't finished my golden syrup tin yet..but I did get a nice glass jar for a pound! So....does that mean...I'm not loving my treacle tin enough to use it??

  7. Thats a busy desk you have today.
    A x

  8. That quote is so true.
    I love your desk as one feels great things have been created .... and seeing you previous post ...they have. I still treasure a clay symbolic 'Motherhood' a friend made me 40+ years ago.

  9. love all your crafty bits! what is that felt/wool piece on left?? it has the most amazing colours!!!


  10. would love to know if the copper scouring thing works... i love the quote - bit deep, Linda made me laugh saying that a crafter won't have said it...

    Paula x xx

  11. Fab desk and love that you have taken over the kitchen too LOL Kitchens are much better used as craft spaces than for cooking..well, in my case anyway LOL x

  12. Great quote, really does make you think. Fab desk too :)

  13. Ha, your desk still manages to be inspiring even when yo say you aren't using it..but - is that a compact I see? Is it destined to be something else? Love the quote..just Know I'll love what you use it on!

  14. I'm drooling over your old tins. Your desk does have a lot going on, but I love all the inks / paints / fibers, etc.

  15. Felling guilty and need to clear up? Really? I think you better go and lie down for a few minutes, or at least until that feeling passes! Love the Mother and Son work in the last post, truly fab, very fluid. Great quote too, very true.

  16. Great desk, you are lucky 6 inches of space .. mine is ususally none! lol The Eco paints are fab btw .. have a bunch of them given to me at CHA by Julia..:)

  17. Hi there, I love the quote, it's so true. I didn't realise you were in Norfolk. I live in Catfield, Warm wishes from one Norfolk 'dumpling' to another

  18. hello Dumpling, i'm near Aylsham, so not far away x

  19. just room enough for a cat to nap in lol

  20. Hey Nicks! Love your desk... i wanna play! I've got an award for you on my blog if you want it.
    Hugs, Rachel xx

  21. I love your desk Nicks, it is perfect and makes me feel good and is more organised than mine.
    Awesome quote too!

    Popped over to wish you a great weekend.
    Love and hugs.


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