Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Monday, 8 December 2008

Santa has been and gone

Well over 500 of them have. I took part in the local Santa Run, organised by our local Radio Station, Radio Broadland in aid of their own charity 'Broadland Kids'

Taking part with me was my lovely daughter and her best friend Lauren (who beat us to the finish line, but waited for us with thier hands outstretched in a 'L' sign, shouting LOSER!) and my dear friends Lisa, Anne and Yvonne. It was a wonderful atmosphere, i hope lots of money is raised. I set up a Just Giving page, wow that makes money easy to collect as it goes straight to the charity with no fiddle faffing around. If you ever do a sponsored event give it a go, and if you have a few pence to spare feel free to have a look at mine (cheeky I know but it's worth a try, it's a very worthy charity!)

Just made a few Christmas cards, with the help of Georgina who drew the main image, We are not sending many cards this year as we have decided to donate to who cared so gently and with much love to Carla, the daughter of a friend of mine so sadly recently passed away, but we do wish you all a very Happy Christmas

Off to work now, grrrhh need the extra pennies but could also do with all the time I can get at this time of year, boy the days before Christmas are running away fast! and I still have the Birthday pressie for the hard to please SSO to finish!


  1. hhhmmmmm I might WALK with you next year lol
    Well done
    Sparkles xxxx

  2. is it my birthday yet please misses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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