Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Poor in pocket...

but rich in friends..... had just the best weekend with Mr and Mrs Bessie, some of you may have read about the Bessie's but don't know who they are... well I just had to share this lovely picture of them

that's them, bless their old hearts!

Ally Pally was as good as usual, met up with some friends and spent far too much, esp at LBcrafts and The Artistic Stamper.... yummy paints and yummy stamps and yummy goodies that one just had to have! Can't wait to have a play with them............ and my friend Debs gave me the most awesome thing to alter that she picked up from a car boot sale for me, so I have no excuse to get out my new paints!

Now AP is over, I can post a few things that I made and gave to some special people at AP... two very late birthday presents!

A pressie for Dee62 who had a 'significant' birthday last month

An altered Tuna Tin... grungeboard. For a smaller friend who we tease that she must live under a toadstool, who's birthday was in July!

No prizes for guessing who this is for, not a Birthday pressie, just a pressie for her new purple bedroom!
I was very chuffed with the 'Best Mate' bit, do you recognise it? I managed to take a mould of a 'Love Heart' sweet (which I have to admit I loved as a child and still love them, they are my guilty pleasure!) - anyway I took a mould and then made a polymer clay embellishment from it. Obviously you can't make and sell them, but great fun for personal projects.

Oh well back to real life again now... off to pack tomorrows lunches, check school uniforms, polish shoes etc etc


  1. such lovely work nics ..where do you get your fab ideas from

  2. I was given the linkto your blog from a friend 'lazy K' and am I happy! Your work is different, inspirational and simply stunning. Gorgeous stuff here again. Look forward to being a follower of your blog.
    Sue x

  3. I love my pressie, thank you so much. Was great to meet up with you and Sparkles. Hope to do it again soon. Dee xxx

  4. first off, THANK YOU for the beautiful blog candy/gift :) its gorgeous i love it and it is now hanging proudly in my house !!!! i opened it when i got home from ally pally and its made using one of the paperartsy stamps that i brought from ally pally, spooky !!!! sounds like you had a great time, my pockets are definately a LOT lighter now hahahahaha

    I bet all the girls loved there birthday pressies, there stunning xxxx

  5. awesome stuff Nicks - as usual! Debs H

  6. Waaaay Cool! Love them!

    Linda Cain

  7. I'd love to see your work IRL - it's so inspiring. TFS

  8. Wonderful pieces! I especially like the first one. Lots of texture. Awesome job!


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