Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I Know I am boring you to tears now....

But I am excited... getting a bit ahead of myself with the course so I will make a few more pages but stop adding colour to my pages and work along with the syllabus!! but I can't help it cos I am a bit obsessed!
Here are a few before and afters

(L) Alcohol inks/silver pen  (R) Lumiere Paints (had these ages but rarely use them! Why not?? They are luscious!)

(L) was sprayed with ink whilst wet, dried nicely- just added Cosmic Shimmers, highlighted creases with gold ink, sprinkled with embossing powder
(R) added green paint to the PVA.. not very exciting - Painted with Glass paints, lovely translucent finish

(L) Brusho Paints - yum! (R) Walnut Inks - not the proper stuff but 'tints' looks nice and grungy!

OK OK I promise to stop now (for a bit)


  1. oh no dont stop...this is something new to me and Im finding it extremely interesting! Look forward to seeing more...please.

  2. I don't know what course it is you're doing Nicks, but it sounds like a lot of (messy)fun! I just love those Brusho paints at the moment. Look forward to seeing what's next.

  3. So is this the next step in the fabric paper process then?
    If it is, how EXCITING! If it's not, how EXCITING!!

  4. yes very boring

  5. Hello Anonymous - now I wonder who you are, I hope you are well and happy

  6. Not more ideas I havent got round to last years yet LOL .
    They are really Lush Matey x

  7. Hello to Anonymous from me too. If you find it boring why comment? You must be very unhappy

  8. Boring? BORING?!! no way! Thanks for sharing these techniques with us Nicks, some lush colours and some er... um p-p-pi-pi-pi- pretty mouthwatering stuff there!

    (still not ready for that anaemic version of red yet!)

  9. think the word you are looking for Debs is PINK

  10. Gorgeous creation Nicks, such talent, luv the papers clever girly.sue.xx

  11. Shudder Nicks! lol Debs H

  12. Hello anonymous each to their own - vive la difference! I hope you find some sites more to your liking xxxxx
    Debs H

  13. oh anonnymous - you stupid fool - if you really have something to say why dont you be a big brave girl and put your name - how incredibly childish - doesnt take a detective to work out who you are!

    Nicks - i think you are amazingly talented and i adore you as a person too - i am not asycophant i just value real people xxx

  14. Nicks maybe one day....
    but until then it is fun to have a laugh over my aversion! lol

    Rule No 7 - remember rule No 6
    Rule No 6 - don't take yourself too seriously!

    Debs H

  15. Thank you girls, but really Ms Anon does not bother me by her comments. I respect all comments IF they are intelligently and constructively made and not just posted as a personal attack
    And Debs.... I will teach you Pink is not all bad LOL

  16. Nicks

    Shudder! lol

    Having said that I am dong a project in silver of all things!
    I shall leave you to pick yourself up off the floor!

    Debs H


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