Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fiddling is in the Blood!

I haven't done anything crafty for it seems like an age, apart from a couple of hours on a Thursday at my woodcarving class which is coming on very slowly!

Life is getting busier and busier at the moment, with Christmas looming very quickly (I'm only a little excited!) and all that comes with it when you have children at school, school plays, carol concerts, school shops and a business that peaks when people are doing their present shopping, and a workshop which the group has brought a week forward to next week.. eeekk, better get organised! A good time to start redecorating as well.. and redecorating means sorting stuff out and I came across this photo of my family. It has always been a favourite photo of mine, maybe because it's the only one I have of us all together.

I am the small slightly grumpy but still very cute one on my mums lap.

It was from my mum that I inherited my love of crafting and of trying lots of new things. Here are a few bits and bobs of her work that I have. Embroidery was maybe her first love. Her is a sample of her work that she made as a firescreen for my Nanna - her mother. That is how I remember it, but my Aunt had it framed and left it to me before she died.

She also had a dabble with lace making, this piece is only about the size of a £2 coin but took her an age to do, I think it was the only bit she did !
Metal Embossing.

I used to love it when she got out her pewter.. yep pewter!  I don't think maybe there was aluminium around (or at least readily available) like we tend to use these days. I can't believe that she used to let me play with her off-cuts, I bet I made some treasure with the middle of this mirror frame. I can still remember being captivated by the way the metal could be eased into shapes, and  I still get a kick out of doing it all these years later

And finally... my favourite piece of all,

My Teddy,

as you can see he has always been very much loved

Thank you for letting me share these treasures with you. Last weekend was the 31st Anniversary of when she died, so I didn't have her for long and still miss her all these years later. But she left me with lots of lovely memories and instilled a love of crafting which can never be taken away.


  1. That makes lovely reading Nicks, thanks for sharing.

  2. What lovely things your Mother made, I love the pewter and of course the embroidery is so well done and a good job it has now been preserved in a frame, something to give to your children. I have no idea how you would get that effect with the pewter, but it looks interesting. Thanks for sharing this lovely post :)

    Carol x

  3. What beautiful work and wonderful memories your Mum left behind for you.Thank you so much for sharing them with us.x

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaawww

    Lovely memories for you


  5. What lovely memories of your mum Nicks. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. aww that was a lovely read Nicks, you have your mums talent, lovely memories eh hun, hugs sue.xx

  7. Aww Nicks all your Mum's crafting is beautiful - things for you to treasure forever. Thank you for sharing.
    Kathy xxx

  8. A lovely photo and how wonderful to have some of your Mums beautiful creations!
    Sue x

  9. What a lovely mum to have given you so much in such a short time but best of all she gave you her talents Hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Wow Nicks your mum made beautiful things and her style and flair live on through your work.
    xxxx Debs H

  11. Way before her time Nicks. In more ways than one. xx KT

  12. Beautiful work Nicks to treasure x

  13. wow! your mum was so talented! definitely genetic. sorry to hear you lost her when you were so young, that must have been tough :( x

  14. Aw and thanks for sharing all your treasures with us.. that ted is adorable...

  15. what beautiful treasures, i love the pewter frame xxxx

  16. The photo is lovely and quite rightly treasured.The little boy on your fathers knee look so much like your son.All of the things are beautiful but i just adore the pewter frame.


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