Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fallen at the First Hurdle....

Well my attempt to be a bit creative each day isn't going too well.... I'll give it up as a bad job! The New Year has left me a bit mojoless! Like everyone we have snow, but not as bad as most parts of the country but enough to persuade me to stay at home in the warm.

For the first time in months if not years I have made a couple of ATC's. Both as RAK's for a couple of special people, one who is having a bit of a rough time and the other because she is just special.
I struggled abit, but was happy with the results in the end. It was nice to get back to working in a 3.5  x 2.5 inch dimension, I had forgotten how much I enjoy it,

Both made with grey-board which I painted black with black Gesso, which in my opinion gives the best black coverage you will ever get.
Lying on my desk was the latest freebie stamp from The Craft Stamper, so as I didn't have any idea in mind I used that with some mica powders. Found a tree in the box of stamps that I have residing on my desk which contains that stamps that haven't quite been put away in their proper place (its full to overflowing **blush**) so used that as well. Came across a scrap of metal so used that, and covered the whole lot with UTEE. Second one was stamped with the diamond background stamp from The Artistic Stamper, which I recently bought but had never used and it had never quite been put away after I unpacked it, so that too was in the aforementioned box! It was all looking lovely and then all went horribly wrong, as I was in full "don't move from ones desk and use whatever was within reach" mode.. I came across a  small heart cookie cutter, placed it on the background and filled it with UTEE. Gave it a blast with the heatgun.... it leaked out a bit but that just added to the effect (or so I thought) Then it came to removing the cutter... mmmmmmm so along with the cutter came the top layer of grey-board................ So that was not such a good idea!! Rescued it and made it look like that it was meant to be as it is... so please don't tell ANYONE it wasn't!

Now.. spookily if I had looked on the Yours Artfully blog  before today, I would have learnt how to do it properly!

Also have a W.I.P. going on... have come to a bit of a halt and not sure how to finish it off. It is a birthday pressie for the lovely terribly talented  Katherine ..... 'fortunately' (for me) we cant get together until next week at the earliest, so I have a few days grace to get it finished. I just need a bit of inspiration!

Can you tell what it is yet???

When it is finished and delivered I'll tell you!


  1. 1...I don't believe that you're a quitter,so less of the 'Fallen at thew first hurdle' talk - get back on the horse woman.

    2... I would never have realised that you'd made a poop of the heart ATC,it looks like it's meant to be that way.I wish I knew where to start,let alone admit to making an error.

    Look forward to the next instalment.x

  2. Happy new year! the atcs look great and i would never have known about the mishap! Dare not guess what the gift for katherine is after all you have altered a urine bottle before now LOL!

  3. Weel The ATC s are just stunning! How lucky the recipients are to be receiving such lovely miniature works of art! x

  4. I think that we all get burn out from the Crimbo and New Year activities and sadly artistic inspiration can often become a casualty...but I'm sure you'll be bouncing back in no've made ATCs afterall...and good ones at that. Can't tell of the mishap at all (BTW I smear a tiny bit of glycerine on the inside of the cutter when using UTEE...hmmmm...reeks of locking doors and bolting horses....I'll get me coat!)

  5. Yep Agnes you are absolutely right... i was just in one of those, "want to do it NOW and it will be OK" moods

  6. oh i am sure the 2 ladies receiving them are just goung to love em!

    you feel lie you need some inspiration 'til your Mojo comes back why not pop over and try this months ATC challenge.

    'cos it's awful when your mojo goes a walik abouts.

    happy 2010
    chriss x

  7. Great ATCs despite the mishap. I love them!

  8. Hi Chriss... where would I find you?

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