Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Well.... WOYDW????

Are you impressed??? I did this especially for Mrs Butler Abroad!
Its as tidy as it is ever likely to get, but it doesn't feel right.. so thankfully it was only like this for a short while on Sunday, this is how it looks today................

That's a bit more like it, don't you reckon?? I'm very pleased to introduce you to my new sewing machine. It was cheap and cheerful and does what I want it to. I think I may be in love with it, but don't expect and wondrous dressmaking to come forth from my craft room!

Oh dear its a bit blurry, but this is whats on my desk its my stash of fabric paper that I made very enthusiastically a few weeks ago  whilst taking part in a book study with a Yahoo group I belong to.
I started well but then for several reasons came to a halt, not least because I was without a machine.
No stopping me now!

So also on my desk is the first completed page to my Journal. As it says this Journal is

My Book
My Space

So it is all mine so some pages I will share, some I may not. But this page was fun to make, Fabric Paper, metal, stitching, stamping and stitching. The back is fab as well but I didn't take a picture.. not for any reason, I just didn't!

I will now have to confess it took quite alot for me to say that the back was 'fab' but since joining in with the OWOH event and visiting alot of blogs, I have realised how negative I am about my own work, assuming that it is 'tat'. Visiting other people it is refreshing to see how positive are about their work, and so they should be! I really would like to be more confident in my abilities and must try harder!

Talking about OWOH... if you would like the chance to win a bit of my old tat (there I go again .... slap my wrists) leave a comment, and hop over to a few more blogs to see whats going on all over the world.... or even better why not join in. it's not too late!

It has been suggested that we also post photos of our Top Drawers.... mmmmm .... with give that one some thought before next week... I know whats where honest!!

UPDATE...... I have just had some Beeswax delivered... imagine how much mess I will be making with that!


  1. I LOVE the book you've been working on - and the paper/fabric thing. You should be proud as its as good as anyone elses and more important YOU made it and no-one else has one. Its a very unique piece because I bet you wouldn't be able to replicate it. Great workspace by the way. I did a bit of journalling a couple of years ago when my Dad was poorly and having treatment - but I only covered the book with printed paper from a CD - nothing as spectacular as you've made.

    Thanks for sharing, i'll add myself as a follower cos I want to see what else you will use your lovely handmade(selfmade) papers on.

    Paula x x x

  2. That journal page is stunning ... you have done a fabulous job ... shame I have n't got feely vision ... I bet it feels right nice too. Nice new friend you have there too ... I hope you spend many happy times together :0)

  3. Thanks for dropping in on me. I'm more than happy to do any sewing job [how ever small they appear]. I even have customers who post their jobs to me so never think I couldn't do your sewing jobs :-)
    A x

  4. The journal page is GORGEOUS, and thank goodness you posted the second picture - the first one had me worried. I am quite tidy myself but think I might be the only one, so am getting treatment ....

    And it's true - if you're pleased with something you made WHY NOT SAY SO??? Especially if no-one else will!

  5. Good grief Nick, tat it certainly is not! As Sosie says, if you like it, it's your art, and if it makes you happy, it makes us happy too! Your fabric papers are amazing, the journal is going to be spectacular. Love the views of your desk. I can usually get mine to look tidy for about an hour on a sunday!!

  6. Nicks your work has always been fab! and so inspiring you really ought to learn fast just how talented you are!

    your journal is gorgeous, I love the bold colours of it and all that texture.

    Have fun with the beeswax.


  7. Tat? What tat???? Your work is absolutely stunning!!!!! I wish I could craft like that....your fabric paper is incredible & the journal...well...I want it!!!


  8. Your book looks fab Nick, can't wait to see some more. Hugs Pam x

  9. Hi there! I must admit your first piccie took me by surprise - it has to be the tidiest desk I have seen so far today! But then the real you came out! :-)
    I love your book - what a great idea - but I do think you need to see an optician - I see no tat anywhere...........

  10. That journal is lovely, but I know what you mean about thinking your own stuff is tat.
    Loving the fabric paper, I may have to investigate how you did that.
    Lovely desk xxx

  11. OOoh your creations are all gorgeous. Your art journal looks fantastic. Have fun.xx Your altered box is gorgeous too. Great work space. Congrats on reaching 100 followers. It's easy to see why. Your blog looks lovely. Gez.xx

  12. Now that's what I call an inspirational Wall love all the variety you've put up and the Book your making is just wonderful and all that fabric Paper it's all just eye candy :)
    thanks for sharing
    hugs Nikki

  13. Oh my goodness - I may be a day late but it was worth coming. I love your desk. I mean I really LOVE your desk and what you are creating. Much yuminess all round.

  14. Ahh, I'm such a positive influence on life, am I not?? But ya know what?? A tidy desk just isn't you! Are you sure you didn't just use Photoshop to delete all the clutter! Love the new tag and the art journal, and that fabric paper is sublime.

  15. hi Nicks,whilst browsing your wonderful blog i came to the indisputable realisation that journalling really suits your totally wacky self, and i love it.the mark of a true crafting genius is her willingness to evolve!!!!!!!! you to a T, luv georgina(aka georgy girl)xxxx


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