Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It'a WOYWDW again....

Time again to share whats on our desks.
Mine is actually fairly tidy as I had to tidy up after all the mess I made with DD's canvas.
 But here is what is on my desk

Since the arrival of my new lovely toy - Sidney the Sewing Machine, I have been playing around stitching things that aren't normally stitched, but then I saw a lady advertising some odd bits and pieces of fabric on FreeCycle. So off I went and collected two full to bursting bags of scrumptious (most of it) fabric which I will share between me and school for this years crafty project. So that's the Sainsburys Bags.
Also there is a box, long abandoned in the depths of my drawers, but MIL came round last night so that OH (her son) could try on the new undergarments she has made for him, and she wanted some sequins and googly eyes for his dress.
Oh and a bag of Silk Rods..... bought them on a whim from the lovely Altered Element - but now wondering what to do with them???

It was a bit frosty and cold here today and I thought I would share a photo I managed to get of my two cats, who really don't look like they fancy a day romping in the field...


Why not share whats on your desk

Oh and just in case you were concerned about my MIL/OH and his cross dressing ways , he is about to be a Dame in a Panto in a couple of weeks!


  1. I'm so glad you filled us in on your hubby being in a panto. I was wondering how to ask you about his dress politely!!!
    Well done on getting so much free fabric xx

  2. Im nearly missed the last paragraph re the fancy dress and was about to leave very puzzled! Hugs Pam

  3. oo can't wait to see what you come up with, and hope the panto is lots of fun x

  4. glad you clarified the dress and underwear issue!!! The cats are adoreable and your desk is soooo tidy, bet you can't wait to play with the fabric?

    Paula x x x

  5. aaaaw Gorden and sparkles know where they best off
    Sparkles the human one x

  6. Ooer fabric stash? Hope we get a show and tell of whats in the bags :-)
    Could you please help by telling me how you keep a blog at the top as you have. We would really like to be able to do that in our blog shop and cant find how to do it. Many thanks.
    A x

  7. you've got great light in your workpace. Been a while since I did WOYWDW but I've posted again today.

  8. my first thought was why has she got shopping on her desk - but the light dawns and it make sense!! ;-)

  9. Hi I posted a comment today I thought there was something wrong because your page came back on, well who's nice and tidy today then, everybody is tidy today is nobody crafting.
    Christine x

  10. Cor, wondered why he wanted sequins on his undies, and made by his Mum!! Ask Wipso about silk rods..there's nothing she doesn't know! GREAT shot of the cats. Enjoy your sewing sure to show and tell!

  11. Great piccie of the cats Nicks :-)
    Well done on your find of fabric, have fun.
    Ann x

  12. Hmm I wish you'd tipped the contents out, I'd love to see what fabrics you got ;)
    Anne x

  13. Well it is tidier than the last time I looked - lol !!
    Lovely picture of the pussies.
    Pam x

  14. Love the cat picture :o) They have that shoulders up I'm not impressed look :o)

  15. Have you seen this lady's beautiful stitched metal pieces? Well worth a look -

    Cats are so expressive when they're not impressed with something - it's that sideways ears thing that makes me laugh - definitely translates as 'we are not amused'!!

  16. Oh but it's CLEAN again!! I'm feeling quite faint, that's too weeks in a row now! What the heck are "silk rods" anyway? Never heard of them! Fabric looks great, free stuff is always good, you can always "upcycle" the stuff you don't want. Love the kitties, they definitely don't look amused do they?



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