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old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

WOYWW.... Snacking whilst I work??

Nope Pizza Express haven't been delivering whilst I have been working, honest! My Son's school has requested that they wear something food related on Friday as they have been chosen to launch a Poetry Competition run by Bayer Science, with the topic of food, and we are being visited by Galton Blackiston - chef of Morston Hall, and ex-pupil of our school so he also fits into our 'Aspiring' people topic.... he is also rather gorgeous, so as a governor of the school I may have to pay a visit - obviously only in an official capacity to check the school is being run efficiently ......

Sorry I am waffling... so that is the reason we have made a 'Pizza' the first attempt last night was made in fabric, but the PVA has refused to dry?????? so Mum has made another one today with a load of Funky Foam, I have also at last found a use for Flowersoft aka Devils Dandruff.. it looks very effective as the brown cooked bit! It looks a bit strange ATM in the picture as it isn't dry so has a layer of still white PVA on it! but in true WOYWW its hos my desk is right now!

What else is on my desk?? Well the reason for the sewing machine being out is that I have made myself a Needle-case... now that's really grown up, I can also begin to call myself a seamstress! Its just a bit of a play with needle felting!
and one last thing.. who was a lucky mummy on Mothering Sunday? Not only was I presented with homemade truffles, gorgeous homemade cards and tissue paper peonies but also a pair of pinking shears!

Some of my friends just don't understand my excitement, but you lot will!


  1. Oh a really creative work surface this morning gal! Love the Pizza idea, and can only applaud your governor-ly instincts!! That needle case is gorgeous, blimey you felty types are clever. I totally get the scissors. Ambition fulfilled, eh!

  2. That is a fabulous pizza! And I love the needlecase, definitely a project I need to do.

  3. Loving the needle case and the pizza gubbings ... excited by the pinking shears ... but fancy telling John!!!! ... I just laughed out loud at your comment and my coffee came out my nose and everything :0)

  4. ooo I can totally relate to your excitement over the scissors too!!!!

    Love that pizza! I assume thats going onto the check it going to be an apron type thing???

    I adore that needlebook too XXX

  5. Lovely to see whats going on on other sewing desks :-)
    A x

  6. oooooooooooh pinking shears
    That apron is going to be the best!

  7. so much going on!! Love he pink shears and all your lovely stuff!

  8. Hang on a sec... you're a school governor! You're in charge of the well being of the little minds of the future???? Is that a scary thought or what? Apron is great, looks like you have a crafty mum too.


  9. That Pizza is great Nicks - almost good enough to eat LOL!!!

    Oooh the things that excite us eh? good job we blog with likeminded people isn't it. I'm excited for you.

    I used to be a school governor and didn't visit the school half enough in that capasity - of course, like you, i would have made a exception if someone like that was coming - be rude not to!!!

    PAula x x x

  10. That Pizza looks so real ...hope everything dries ok. Your needle case is beautiful ...a total work of art. totally understand the scissors thing ...DS could not see why I wanted a sheet of metal as part of a pressy ...thought I was mad.

  11. Fab work area hun...wish I could sew, I have a proper machine and everything but still haven't figured how to thread the beggar!!! ROFL x

  12. Ha ha - that pizza looks good enough to eat! ;o)

  13. That pizza looks good enough to eat! Great job- too bad the glue wouldn't dry, it would look fabulous!
    I love the needle case too.
    I understand you being excited about the gifts you received for Mothering Sunday. Always love truffles and there is just nothing better that a great pair of pinking shears.
    What a thoughtful gift from your family!
    Happy St patty's day a day late!!

  14. and what will he wear on his head ??? lol

    Sparkles x

  15. ooooh i like that needle case - and that pizza is so cute xxx

  16. Everything looks wonderful! I hope the visiting chef will be bringing samples for you all to try!

  17. All the work moms have to do for their the apron very much! Pizza looks very tasty!

  18. loving the pizza, and what wonderful mother's day pressies.. :)

  19. All i can say on your project is SEW far SEW good te he he... sorry PMSL

  20. Looks good enough to eat LOL.

    Wow pinking shears well done I have had mine **years and woe betide anyone who touches them LOL


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