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old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Full of acronyms this week, think I have caught Acronymitus from Julia the Dame of Acronyms!

So... WOYWW mmmmmmm....... well it did have a project on it that is a WIP (OMG another (and another!)!) for a DT challenge, so I wasn't quite ready to show it yet, so was going to hide it. Well I was saved from any chance of you seeing  because when I went in to take a photo look what I found....

Meet Gordon!


Obviously that stands for 'What's In The Box Wednesday'

Its the box that my latest stash from The Altered Element Design Team came in, plus some extra bits that I have put in there to use on the project ie the stick.... and the spool of gold thread that I picked up for a £ from Scrapbox. Other than that there are some gorgeous stamps and some fantasy film and loads of bits and pieces you cant see.

oh and I took this photo of the other side of my desk, savour this photo because you may never see such a sight again

and finally ......


Whats In The Back Field Wednesday

We have just been lucky enough to be able to purchase part of the field behind our house - hence the Chooks, we are also very lucky that the rest of the field was bought by a chap who works for a local Animal Rescue Centre, he often has different animals on there, at the moment we have two gorgeous white horses and a foal.... altogether now... ahhhhhhh....

oh can i add another acronym?

(whats on my sons desk wednesday_)

well not on his desk in the house but on a table in his shed.. Edward and his mate had an adventure in the woods and found this great treasure.... a birds wing (obviously)
can anyone identify it?
Its about 16" long and 8"wide, I have been told it could be a collared dove or a wood pidgeon, but I think its a bit too big for that?? any ideas? (sorry if you were eating your breakfast but at least I didnt show you the dead hedgehog)

Oh that's not quite it, you may have noticed that above this post and on my side bar is a very unsubtle mention that I am doing a bungee jump in aid of The Camille Appeal, please have a read and if you can manage to spare a £ or two it would be very much appreciated

Thank you


  1. love the acronyms.. and mm read them a bit wrong..lmao... anything with an f in...hehe nice desk! what happened? lol
    Thank you for showing

  2. What a tidy work area this week. You really clean up good (GRIN). Bleubeard is jealous of Gordon. Not only does he NOT get a pillow, he doesn't get to sit on any furniture. But it's great that you got that extra land.

    As for the bird, I would say it's something BIG (grin). Have a great Wednesday with no more acronyms.

  3. Love the pic of gordon:) Fab craftspace and looks like you have some nice goodies in that box! x

  4. Nice to meet you Gordon! Lovely goodies in that box, and fab to have some extra land- great photos!

  5. I have a picture of a dead baby hedgehog. Probably disturbing to some but to me he looked like he was just sleeping....
    boo hoo
    ANYWAY! OMG (acronym there)...did I tell you I can never get enough of looking at your desk???
    All the very best for your bungy leap (we invented it here in NZ - did you know that?) I hope you raise loads of cash for that beautiful child.
    PS. and btw (yes, I must also have acronymitist?) I'm back...I've just updated my blog and I think you'll like the video link!
    Love Debs

  6. Ooooh...I wonder what you are going to create out of that lovely box of stash!!


  7. Gordon looks very comfy, I hope that isn't some craft project that he is on!

  8. OMG! That is so a boy thing to do, bringing home a wing ROFL .. tis a Wood Pigeons wing BTW, probably a cat or fox has gotten him. As for your desk, check mine out hun, think we are both being governed by our fur babies LOL x

  9. haha whata great post, loved reading it and all the acronyms. Not loving the wing so much, birds, even dead ones terrify me.

  10. Cats are always a good stand-in for craft projects ;-) Ooh lots of lovely stash in the box but what's the branch for? DD's dog would love to chew on that LOL
    Can't help with the bird's wing sorry.
    Thanks for the piccy of the horses, lovely.
    Anne xx

  11. Fabulous craft room and outlook, gorgeous Gordon the cat and the box full of 'stuff' looks very interesting.

  12. Gordon Bennett woman !
    do you ever rest LOL

  13. Boys always love the gruesome bits don't they!!

  14. Gordon is gorgeous - and what an exciting looking box of stash :-)

  15. urgh, thats boys for you all right!
    What a lovely desk you have and what are you creating with the box of goodies?
    I have had a peek at your blog, you make wonderful creations...very inspiring :0)
    Loved ready about the chooks and can just visualize them chasing each other for the worm lol.
    Happy crafting hun
    *hugs* Heather x

  16. Hi Nicks
    oh lovely to see you playing along, great desk piccie luv the helper, intriging box, can't help with the wing im just gona eat me tea! lol. How brill to have to have got hold of the field awww lovely piccie, good luck on ya jump don't think i could do it, sue.xx

  17. Thats boys for you! I love Gordon and that little foal is adorable
    A x

  18. Full of variety this week ... I had made up my own words for your acronyms and they were not quite as clean as your version. A bungee jump indeed ... good luck with that!!!

  19. Loving the pics of cats on craft desks - seen a couple going through this Wednesdays blog hop!

  20. Gordon looks so comphy he TOTALLY black?
    Love your space ...all those wooden boxes ...they look quite old ...and that stash in the cardboard box just screams to be fiddled with.

    I did shudder for a second on seeing that wing ..totally detached from a body ...I agree that it is too big for any pigeon ...turkey springs to mind as there are a lot of short feathers and their wings are not very big ....just a stab in the dark as I know very little about birds

  21. Oh no too many acronyms, too many cute pictures - help !!!!!

    Love those horses, can you see them from your house? How wonderful.

    As for the wing - maybe not so cute !!! Is it a pidgeon's wing?


  22. Gordon is gorgeous. He could be brother to my Jess! S xx

  23. So much going on ! The cat Bless xx

  24. There are a lot of cats this week. Love the look of that box of DT kit....


  25. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh EDWARD thats disgusting lol, lovely desk Nicks, your kitty is too cute.x

  26. I love receiving goodies in a box, who doesn't? Yours looks really interesting! Why in the world is the wing cut? :^( haven't seen or encountered anything like it! Who would do it and what for? WWDIWF? Patsy from

  27. wow Nicks - great post...

    Love the fact that Gordon may or may not have been layed on your WIP... I often get black cat hairs on my stuff - she (my black cat) often gets glitter on her - v pretty....

    Lots of stuff going on in your world this week...

    Paula x x x


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