Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Hey I have a lovely new WOYWW button thanks to Nikki

or should i have - in true BB style 'You Decide'

I didn't manage to play last week as I was out all day helping at my sons school with their annual Art Exhibition, last year they altered a chair, this year the subject was 'Textiles' and his class theme was 'Indictaions of Spring, which is obviously why he called his 'Art Clash' - I will never understand the workings of my sons mind!
Anyway here is his W.O.A, which after the actual exhibition on Thursday is now hanging proudly in our hall. not bad is it!
(ps... that is a blackbird, not a jet swooping down on the poor unsuspecting Butterfly.. note to self - Do not suggest to son that it looks like a plane!)

So whats on my desk.. well last week it was empty, and therefore rather boring, this week it has been attacked again overnight by the Chaos Fairies, I wish they would leave my desk alone and send their mate the Housework Fairy to visit instead! Ooops, I can see a knife with its blade still out, I must put that to rights or else I will be chastised by Matt! Some waste from some letters I have die-cut, and one of the new Dies form the RH Sir Timothy. Other than that its the usual old rubbish on my desk, If I had got up earlier I could have pushed it all back and piled it high ala Jennie!

B****** I have also left the top of my glue.. that will be dried up an unusable by now!
 I cant show you what I have been creating because it was a pressie for a forum friend. Hopefully Royal mail are as we speak,  transporting it to her house in time for her birthday tomorrow and then I can blog it.

If anyone has chanced across this post and has no idea what WOYWW is, hop over to Julia's Blog

Hope you are all well and happy, all is fine and dandy here in the land of chooks, though I could do a WOOCCW (whats on our chicken coop Wednesday) and show you a little present they received this week.

Anyone for Spaghetti?

Right off today to make Scarecrows at school, boy do they have fun whilst learning at schools these days

PS.. If you are interested, scroll down and have a read of a Water Soluble Fabric Tutorial I published yesterday 


  1. love your son's artwork, and your general crafty messiness!

  2. Your son is quite the budding artist. He took some artistic license with the bird (grin). Seeing the chickens made me laugh. They were after that spaghetti. Have a great WOYWW.

  3. love it - i left my glossy accents out with no lid on overnite, had to wack of the end, and now its dosnt play nicely with me !!!

    Great desk, love the profile write up, totaly agree with you, as long as they have food, clothes and a clean bathroom, thats all familys need eh ?

    Love the chicks

    judie xx

  4. And there was me thinking it was a crow with a top hat on te he he.. a right little artist you have there though.. grand work.

    as for your desk.. you mucky pup...but i bet what you created was stunning :P
    Have a great day x

  5. Hiya Nicks

    Edward done a fabulous job on his "Art Clash" comeon anyone can see its a blackbird duh!. lol I am always amazed at how their little minds work. lol.

    I have to remember the knives everytime I craft as for the lid of the glue happpppppppens all the time!


  6. they eat spagetti? How cool is that

  7. Hi Nicks
    luv Edwards artwork, looks fab, slap ya legs over the knife, i given up on bottle glue, gone back to uhu glue!!
    Luv the sign above the chick house, very good, have good day hun, hope ya get ya scarecrow done! sue,x

  8. What a fantastic piece of art by your son, just fabulous. Oh chickens, I want some chickens. Love the look of the alphabets on your desk too. Very creative desk. Have a lovely day, Tracy Evans x x

  9. wow great art your son has made, time for him to set up his own blog me thinks :0)
    Have a great day,
    *hugs* Heather x

  10. Your son is a genius, must take after his Mum. But how could you think for a second that it was a plane, of course it is a blackbird, silly.Nice to see an untidy desk like mine. Love the sign, I never find nice ones for ducks, are ducks not funny too!

  11. Thats such a busy desk today. Look forward to seeing what you've been making. Love the chickens too :-)
    A x

  12. That Art Clash is F A B!!! As for your desk, blaming the Chaos Fairy... so right! the HouseWork Fairy hasn't turned up here all should see the state of the rest of the room...the pics on my blog make it look all neat LMAO!

  13. Ooh, forgot to chicken and pasta

    *creeps off before I get lynched*

    Only joking hun.... LOVE your chickens...I want a couple of them but Grim says no! Even after weeks of nagging...still a no!

  14. LOL..I love a space that look like mine! Thanks for the snoop and you have a beautiful blog!

  15. oo a budding artist eh, his work is great! I love the sign above your chook house, I am sucker for a play on words.

  16. if you find the glue ( minus lid) I recommend discarding it - I left the top off a squeezy bottle of glue varnish and poked a hole to let the glue out - squeezed and got a drop - squeezed hard and it literally exploded - varnish everywhere - Oh my goodness gracious me - THATS how I glued my keyboard (check out my WOYWW)

  17. Love the thought of Chaos Fairies ...they often visit me ...never knew that chickens eat pasta ....what if its egg pasta ?????

  18. Judging by todays workdesk, think you need to go with the top button! Love your son's artwork - definite potential there! x

  19. Your sons artwork is great, so is your desk - nice and messy! That is how we like it!

  20. Great desk and I love that alphabet. Your sons artwork is fab.

  21. Love that desk... your cutting mat is just like mine too with those never to be removed ink and paint marks. Those Chaos Fairies have a lot to answer for and they get round so many places. I thought it was the Elves (who visit the Shoemaker to work and tidy) who visit me to do it all in reverse and reek revenge. Someone ought to do something about them!!
    Jo x

  22. Now that's what a desks supposed to look like isn't it love your sons artwork definately a crow love the sign & the chickens


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