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in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Chicken Independence Day

Whilst our American friends are celebrating their Independence Day, our Chooks have a bit of Independence as well, or rather a bit more freedom. Georgina and I spent the afternoon fighting with Chicken Wire and have Chicken proofed our garden so that they can be allowed to free range when we are at home to keep an eye on them (still an overprotective mother!) It didn't take them long to explore the whole garden and.. my bedroom! Babs the little tyke decided that maybe she would take her adventure a little further and explore the house!
It was lovely having them roam about the garden, after their 18 months spent in a tiny prison it amazes me that there is not a hint of nervousness amongst them - Bebe the little one is sometimes a bit timid but nothing like she was. Ejay loves a cuddle and will have a nap quite happily in Georgina's lap.

Ok so maybe Matt got a bit grumpy when they helped to fill in the hole he was digging to sink the trampoline, but secretly he loved it (i think)

We also have some new residents in the field behind our house, who were there when I got up early this morning to let the girls out

It has been a beautiful weekend here, and we have spent most of it outside - well i did sneak a few hours indoors to work on a Beeswax Project - now who in their right mind would turn on their Meltpot and melt Beeswax to play with on the hottest weekend of the year?? Really pleased with the results, but cant show you just yet as it is another pressie for someone and they had better see it first!

Edward and his mate have been digging tunnels....
Boys will be Boys!

So that's the Chook Report from Norfolk..
and its Goodbye from them

'Please excuse me, I have exploring to do!'


  1. thanks for sharing, looks like you have great fun all round


  2. Your chickens are tamer than my ducks, I am obviously feeding them the wrong thing, will have to try spaghetti in future instead of veg peelings! Looks like a wonderful place. But I cannot believe you don't have fox attacks,we have 6ft high fences and the fox sails over the top and has a go!

  3. can't say we dont have Fox attacks, just havent had any yet. We have fox proofed their run as best we can, but we aren't complacent. I wouldnt leave them free-ranging if we were out, they go in their run then. One good thing about rural foxes is that they dont tend to be so hungry for the chase at urban foxes, but again never say never. Worries me!

  4. Can hardly believe they are the same chickens, wow what a difference. Looks like everybody had fun this weekend. Annette x

  5. What a great post ... boys will be boys but how wonderful for then to be boys in that environment.

  6. Looks like chicken heaven Nicks, just my kind of place......


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