Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

I've been Morsbagging! - Blog Candy Alert!

Its a Small World, in this cyberworld! A few days ago, I posted a link on facebook, which a friend picked up and shared on her wall, someone posted on her link referring to Morsbags, I don't like to miss out on anything so Googled Morsbags, and then got chatting to the friend of a friend and we found out we both visit each others blogs, so hence the small world! Check out Laura's Blog
Anyway if you now want to know what Morsbags are, I will save you the trouble of googling, here is the link

I am no seamstress, but here are my efforts, as the point of Morsbags is that you give them away to encourage people to stop using plastic bags I am offering these as Blog Candy, so if you would like one leave me a comment and I will your names next Thursday.

If you could manage to spare a pound or two to help me raise funds for The Camille Appeal I will add your name twice - but please dont think I am bribing you, you can still enter donation or not! (well perhaps I am bribing you a bit, but its all in a VERY good cause!!)


  1. They are great morsbags - what a lovely start and a kind offer. I didn't know you visited my blog by the way - how cool!

    I am slapping my forehead here, why didn't I think to do a morsbags giveaway? - will have to put that right!

    First though, I'm going to do a fiendish giveaway next week which I think you and your readers might like - I'll put a teaser on my blog later.....

  2. 'ecky thump they are lovely
    Sparkles x

  3. They are gorgeous!!! Is there any end to your many talents???


  4. Fab bags I never have enough bags LOL
    well done you x

  5. Are you really stitching Nicks - saw something you had done on DC also - brilliant!!!

  6. What fabulous material! I saw some of these at a craft show last year and thought what a great idea - problem is I can't sew at all! lol

  7. Dear Nicks

    These bags are gorgeous and I could SO use them - we go thru SO many paper/plastic bags in our househould!

    I did not know they were called morsbags by the way. The top one with those beautiful colors is my fave! :-)


  8. fantastic bags i cant sew to save my life, ok if wonky stitching is required lol, i have never heard of morsbags seem like such a great idea, off to read the link about them.

  9. Great bags Nicks.

    Dee xx

  10. A girl can never have tooooooo many bags can she.

    And now I have found my bank card I am off to your bungee jump site.

  11. Brilliant bags hun... have to say.. am sat here with tears streaming cos I have just read Camilles story and bless her, she is such a little darling... I think what you are doing is pretty bloody amazing hunny... sending you a big fat sqwishy hug xxx

  12. Hi Nicks
    oh gorgeous bags, i luv the purpley one, would luv to e popped into ya draw hun, will visit ya just givin site hun, have good day, sue,x

  13. They are fabulous Nicks put me in for the draw please, pretty, pretty please xxxx
    mwah darlinks xxxx

  14. Nicks please enter me for one of your super bags.

    your DC triplet

  15. Great bags :) from an "old bag" who would love a new one!!! lol Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck with the jump
    Hugs x


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