Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Another Design Team Wall Hanging (and I'm excited!)

For this months Altered Element Design Team Project, Lynne asked us to choose some bits and bobs for ourselves. I chose lots of textile bits and pieces, some Satin Fabric, Canvas, Woven Metal, some very fine green wire and a textiles pack.
The Wall Hanging I have made is still a 'work in progress' - The whole is growing into a much bigger project than I first intended, but I thought I would show you how far I have got so far. I intend to try my hand at a bit of embroidery on it and I need my son to go scavenging in the woods for some bits and pieces for the 'frame'

But here it is as it stands today. Still loads of fiddling to get it just as I would like it, but it is well on its way. The backcloth is a lovely shade of green, unfortunately the photo does not do it justice. The dark green is satin.... now you if wash and dry you favourite shirt and do all sorts like leave it in a screwed ball for too long and then shove it still screwed up, it will come out all creased and try as you might you cant get the creases out?? Well when you TRY to do that, it just doesn't work as well (think its called sods law!)
When I have finished it completely I will try to get a better picture and a few close ups of each element for you to see.

Its a busy time here with school hols, camping trips, kids going off in all directions, my Dad soon to go in hospital for his op, and lots of other 'stuff' filling our time and I am off to see the bestest bessies tomorrow for a few days but I am already getting excited about next months DT pack Lynne has sent.

The shop is closed for a few days but all orders placed on the website will benefit from an automatic 10% discount* applied in the shopping basket as a thank you for patiently waiting until 9th August for dispatch. Don't forget that UK orders will all be upgraded to UK Standard delivery (1st class) at no additional cost too!

Oh..... are you wondering why I am excited??

Hop over to The Artistic Stamper's  brand new Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog and as you scroll down reading the posts just take a glance to the left at the Contributing Artists - Yep you guessed it  little old me is there. I am honoured to be asked by Jennie and Hels to join the other fantastic artists in their team. Make sure you add the blog to your Blogroll and keep an eye on whats happening!


  1. oooh wow Nicks - congratulations! I hadn't noticed the list of artists - no points for observation!

    Loving the wall hanging can't wait to see the finished piece xxxx

  2. Great wall hanginga nd welcome to our mad world !! :))

  3. loving the wall hanging Nicks Congratulations on your new post!!!

  4. Ooooh looking pretty darn fabby already!

  5. Long time no contact. The wall hanging looks great Nicks, will keep a lookout for the finished one. Just love the colours.

  6. This is already smashing, love all the different textures, can hardly wait to see it when completed. Congratulations on your new post, must admit I missed seeing your name as well.......dahhhhhhhh Annette x

  7. Ah the crafting girl is back, well and truly! A great hall hanging Nicky and congratulations!

  8. Super lush WIP, love all the elements to it.
    As for the Artistic Stamper guest spot, you are very much deserving of it as all your work is outstanding xx and i look forward to seeing what you create x

  9. Lovely.

    Stoping by to let you know you are the Featured Artist at my place :-)

  10. Totally gorgeous art hun... looking forward to seeing your art on the CT blog :O)) xx

  11. Lovely wall hanging and CONGRATULATIONS!

  12. Sure looks like great fun and I adore the colors you've used and the textures as well...


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