Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Its been a bit of a unsettled coupe of weeks, so I apologise now for not posting a WOYWW or visiting very many blogs, hope you understand,
Mrs Bessie has been staying with us for a few days and we haven't felt much like playing in the craft room, but we have managed to visit a few craft shops! But I have had to get myself into gear as its not long until my SIL's wedding and invitations need to be made. Mojo soon returns though when you have a very special project to do for two very special people. They popped over on Saturday and fortunately loved the sample I had made up - they would say if they didn't!
So this is how my desk looked on Sunday when I started the production line. It still looks the same today as I left on Monday to take Bessie back to Kent and returned yesterday.

Can't show you the finished article until they are all finished and sent out, don't really know why I can't but don't feel it's right, so I wont!

The next picture is not from today's desk, but I am still going to show you.... remember my new oven?
Remember my Toad in the Hole? Remember I was Batter Pudding challenged?
Well these aren't bad are they? - I know of one person who will read this and sneer, but I am proud of myself LOL

Right off to finish the invites and make boxes for them to all go in, sees you later and HAGD!


  1. There is nothing wrong with your batter for those scrummy Yorkshire puds. They look perfect.
    A x

  2. OMG your yorkies look lovely darling , never mind the desk today I only have eyes for those yorkis ...bring on the gravy !!! he he
    Hugs Susie xx

  3. Love to see your wedding stuff when it's done!
    Those yorkshires look ace! Yum!

  4. I agree there is something unsettling about showing a work in progress that is for someone else. Not sure what Yorkshires are, but they look delish. I hope Mrs. Bessie does well at home. Happy WOYWW (no. 12).

  5. OMG those yorkies look so yummy !!! I want them all now!lolx love your desk too thanks for sharing

  6. Well done on those Yorkshire, one thing I am no good at making, they look really good. I would be proud if mine came out like those, Sorry Tesco ones for me ha ha.x

  7. oh wow those yorshire puddings look yummy I could eat the first corse here then pop over to mine,for desert,love what you have on your desk,cant wait too see the finished results
    hugs cheryl x

  8. Hi ya hun
    hope sparkles is doing ok, was thinking of you both, cant wait to see your invites, as for them yorkshires they look good enough to eat hun,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(13)

  9. Such healthy looking puds... I agree with Suzie, who said 'bring on the gravy'.
    Have a great Wednesday
    Sue xx 72

  10. Even as a yorkshire woman I cna't always get puds this good. Tidy desk - wish mine looked like that.
    x Tricia( 79)

  11. Yum. These actually look a bit like popovers..they look delicious.

  12. How could ANYONE sneer at your lovely fluffy Yorky puds.. you are more adventurous than me hun, I use Aunt Bessie's batters ROFL ANd... even then I muck 'em up.. not good for someone actually from Yorkshire LOL xx

  13. Beautiful! A dollop of blackcurrant jam in each and I would be a happy bunny!

  14. The Yorkshires look great! Such rise and they look so crunchy! Well done you. If I could make them like that i'd have them at every meal. 38, helen.

  15. Tidy that desk up!!

    Happy WOYWW x

  16. I think you are quite right not showing the wedding stuff till after the invites have been sent. I think a spot a bit of golden syrup addiction going on here - and with those great yorkie puds you reminded me of a dessert I used to love as a child - hot yorkie pud with golden syrup poured over it!

  17. Can't wait to see the finished pieces for the wedding, good luck with it all. Love the look of your Yorkshire Puddings. Tracy Evans x

  18. Those look like damn fine yorkshires to me!! I'd be happy to help with any quality control issues ...

  19. Those wedding invites look so intriguing Nicks - will they be hand delivered too?

    Hope things settle back to as normal as they can for you and Sparkles - hope she is bearing up xx

    Those yorkshire puds look great to me (not that I can cook - lol)

    Sherry (103)

  20. Invites are intriguing!

    yorkies look fab I have never been able to do them in my gas oven but am looking to get a new cooker next year ,

  21. Glad to have you back posting. Can't wait to see what you do with your invites. Those Yorkies look lovely - hope you've made proper gravy to go with them lol! Aunty Bessies for me I'm afraid.

  22. Thanks for the peek at what you're working on. S #112

  23. Oh Yum! They look perfect Yorkshire puds to me!!

  24. Your art looks promising - I will be back to see what you have done! Mhmmmm Yorkies freshly backed!!! YAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

  25. A very industrious desk there and well done on the cooking (i wouldnt have a clue!) - thanks for sharing (No 46)

  26. Those Yorkshires look good to me, and I'm a Yorkshire lass :D Jules #63

  27. Nice to see a hive of activity on your desk once more, very interested to see the finished article. God I haven't had a Yorkie in ages, yours look great, is the new oven turning you into a contestant for Master Chef??

    Brenda 87

  28. You projects look interesting. I will be over to taste test just shortly LOL!

  29. Oi at least you made yorkshire puddings, I won't even attempt them lol - they look scrummy, and I love your different wedding invitations, just beautiful x

    Alex (133)


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