Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

HAG Day...

 After months of careful planning (LOL) yesterday was my SIL's 'Hag Day' she doesn't do anything normal - so this was a mixture of men and women - Hen/Stag - geddit???? No?? oh never mind!
She left the planning of the day in the 'capable' hands of one of her big brothers - namely Matt, with the proviso that it must be suitable for everyone in the age range of 5 to 75 and mustn't cost much - oh and since its in the Winter time, its probably not sensible to have a picnic at Thetford Forest, which is our usual family meeting place.

Well, I have to say my OH came up trumps with his idea. He bought a load of 4x4" canvases for everyone to decorate (I think the budget idea appealed because he also decided that everyone could use - wait for it....... his wife's stash - yes MY STASH!!
- she has gotta know I must love her, I don't share my stash with just anyone!
Anyway... joking aside (cough) this was his plan. Liz would end up with a canvas from everybody - 12 in all that she could mount together and display, as a memento of the day.
And each  family would end up with four, one from each all the other family.

Funnily enough we couldn't find a sign that said Happy Hag Day - gap in the market there!

The four canvases we ended up with ... I'll mount them on one canvas and they will look fab on the wall

Father and son being very industrious!

High concentration from DD

All of us in action!

"well I suggest...." 
"now dear, let me think...."

"Be quiet, this is very tricky"

The (nearly all) finished articles

and finally.. joint effort our family one

Then it was off for a very lovely meal at a local pub.

Good Times!


  1. looks as if the day went well, well done to everyone Jan xxxx

  2. Totally awesome! TOTALLY ROCKS!
    fabulous day and excellent memento xxx

  3. Great idea and glad all enjoyed x

  4. As one particular SCD judge would say," Absolutley Faaabuulous Daaarling ". You know how to organise events in Norfolk, nothing here in boring old Wigan. lol Ejay xxxxxx

  5. What a wonderful idea, looks like great fun!

  6. What a wonderful idea! Looks like it was enjoyed by all!

  7. You are all obviously having the bestest fun ever and love the results. Stay happy.
    Annette xx

  8. That is such a lovely idea, I love that all the family made something to keep :) I am getting married next year, maybe I can persuade my bunch!

  9. What a fun thing to do..great idea.

  10. brilliant novle idea - looks fab - but then u r darling xx

  11. What a brilliant idea! Looks as though the "Hags" had a great time - I love that look of concentration - and it's the kind of momento to treasure.


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