Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

It's behind you!!!

Oh no it isn't ...

Oh yes it is is ....

Haven't blogged for a while because I haven't been creative for a while but I have been busy. Its a week today till HugBinders, gosh it has come around quickly! When we had the germ of an idea last October to do something to raise money  for MacMillan in memory of my dear mate John, March the 5th seemed an age away! Now its just a week away! The Pages for the books have been flooding and so has requests from people to buy the book. Its going to be a busy day for people coming to the workshop to make the covers and bind the books - I cant wait, its so exciting!
So in-between getting everything ready for that,  finishing of the hall and getting ready for HRH Sparkles to come and stay next week, we have, as a family all been involved in Pantomime this week. Edward has been an Octopus, Georgina has had a multitude of different characters to play in the Chorus and Matthew is the Dame - I am his dresser - so I have spent a week shut in a cupboard with him, making sure his bra fits, his tights are clean and his wig is straight - not to mention doing up his dresses and making sure he has the right earrings on. You thought Shirley Bassey was a Diva - you ain't met Matt!
Truly a family affair though as his Mum made his costumes and hairpieces and does his make up - its a great - if not exhausting - week, and we always enjoy it.

Last night tonight and then tomorrow I am off to pick Sparky up, ready for next week - still plenty to do for HB next week but we will get their.
But first I must go and clean out the chooks, had a problem with Red Mites invading my girls coop - part 2 of the war against the evil little b****** is now about to commence!!


  1. Hope you have a holiday planned for two weeks time - you will deserve it. Good luck with the final prep and the big day itself.

  2. And they were all wonderful yesterday! Well done the Nobbs family! xxxx

  3. Wonderful costumes! What a lovely family thing to do together :)

  4. Superb costumes and Matt makes a great dame - had to make sure I didn't type dane! BIC

  5. great pictures. Matt looks so good in a dress I worry about him lol
    Looking forward to next week and seeing you tomorrow
    Sparkles xxx

  6. Are we going to see Normal Matt next weekend ?

    Is there such a thing as Normal Matt LOL

    See ya soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. How wonderful you were all involved, it looked like it was a lot of fun! Best wishes to you all for next weekend, I hope you have time to enjoy it too!

  8. All the very best for Hugbinders Saturday Nicks. I will be thinking of you and hope it is a huge success, which I am sure it will be xx
    ps Matt looks very "fetching" lol


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