Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Monday, 30 May 2011

A load of waffle today .....

Lots to say about not alot today - Been playing around with my Octopode Factory stamps - this is a card to go with my PIF for the WOYWW 2 year celebrations on Wednesday, we arent allowed to show what we have made as the little gift we are passing on to someone else, but this isnt the actual gift, so I'm sure thats fine!

 Talking of WOYWW - I can also share this badge made by the talented Nikki . Sometimes I manage to visit a lot of blogs, sometimes I visit quite a few, sometime I visit a few, Occassionally (and I hang my head in shame) I dont get to visit any, but only once before have I managed to visit everyone (apart from in the beginning when there weren't over 100 on the list!) last week I managed to visit everybody and leave comments on everyone apart from one ladies blog, cos I couldnt see the comment button - so apologies if that was you!

I have done something this weekend that I have never done before - bought some Digi-Stamps. I have never bought any before because TBH I couldnt see the point, but as I was browsing Lily's (The Octopode Factory Creator) Etsy shop, I found some images that aren't available as rubber stamps and I really wanted them. I love stamping, but of course one drawback is that you are limited by size of the stamp - in the blurb on the listing, Lily pointed out that you could of course resize the image... bonus! That clinched the deal! I ordered, within a couple of hours the stamps were with me (no postage costs, no waiting for the postie) and bingo away we go! 
 So here is my effort this morning, playing with the 'stamps' The background is made up of several layers of water soluble oil pastels, cosmic shimmers, distress inks, Adirondack inks and gesso. I intended to adhere the  Stork family using Gel Medium - when I brushed this over the background it did odd things to it - a happy mistake cos I still quite like it. - it smeared some of the elements (being water soluble I suppose) and 'split ' a bit - because of the waxy finish of the pastels - not intentional but I like the effect. I just placed the storks into position and avoided getting the gel medium on the top to avoid any smudging - no idea what I will end up doing with the finished article - just playing!

DS decided that any calories consumed over the weekend do not ruin Mum and Dad's diet - so he decided to do some cooking - and to make things worse he decided to make my most favourite tray bake - I don't have a sweet tooth but I cant resist Caramel Shortbread!
And finally... I'm honoured to be given a Blog award by the super talented Patricia of

 Thank you Patricia!!  part of the deal of accepting this award is that there are a few rules to follow.  
1. The first is to thank the blogger who named me on her list. - Done that!
2. Make my own list of favorite blogs.- Now this is a bit tricky, I think you are supposed to name seven - I cant possibly do that because I have so many favourite blogs, and I keep an eye on them all by way of my 'blog roll' on my side bar - So I give this award to anyone who appears there - you are welcome to take it for yourself!
3. List 7 things about myself and here they are .... (most of the vital stuff is in my profile but I will try to think up some more fascinating facts PMSL) 

nope cant think of any ..... 

So here are just a few random facts 

1. I share my life with Matthew (OH) Georgina and Edward (DC) one dog called Marzie, two cats called Sparkles and Gordon, and three (sadly lost two in recent months) chickens called Ejay (the boss) Babs and Kentucky and loads of dust mites. Though she doesn't live with us (thank goodness!!) I should add the Bessie - Sparkles, cos she is in our front room most night via the lappy/messenger
2. I only like PG tips
3. I was once on Ready Steady Cook 
4. I have a deformed toe (bet you are glad I shared that tit-bit!) 
5. I love Birkenstocks in the summer and my Doc Martens in the winter
6. I have a problem with buying odd numbers of things in supermarkets - well I can buy one item of something            ie. a tin of beans, but I cant buy 3,5,7 etc - curing myself slowly LOL
7. In the last year I have lost 2stone with Slimming World - and I will NEVER put it back on - so if you see me getting a bit of a chubster tell me!!

Well thats it until wednesday (i can hear your sigh of relief!!) hopefully then I can share a little project I have been working on - I am rather chuffed with it, but I cant blog it until it has reached its intended recipient, so lets hope Mr Royal Mail is ultra efficient this week!


  1. Blogger wouldn't let me play on WOYWW so I am catching up now! What a lot of lovely things you have been busy playing with. I am really glad I popped over to see your blog today - I love the steampunk chicken what a clever way to upcycle a charity shop bargain!

  2. These are delightful! And lovely blog!

  3. Hmmmmmm I would never thought I would see the day that you did a digi stamp or would be convincing me to try but.....
    oh hecktifer, I am going to have a look now!
    Love your quirky crows.

  4. OMG I am out of touch - WOYWW 2 years? PIF? oh gosh.... I will have to look and see if I have time!

  5. Even though i will be away for a while, I will still invade your life lol
    You might like to share, with me, how to do these downoads !!!

  6. sparkles - its easy peasy lemon squeezy - I will show you!

  7. 2 stones of congratulations, wow huge achievement.

  8. Blogger was being mean to me too, At least I did see your lovely chicken! I was thinking chocolate when I saw the shortbread (Yum) Well done on the 2 stone, love those quirky crows, Happy Late Woyww

  9. so so

  10. Loving the Sherbert card colours. I'm still a rubber stamp addict, but I too have made an exception for Octopode......

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