Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Once Upon a Time...

There was a young girl 'ahem' who's daddy bought her two DVD's for her birthday. These Art Journalling DVD's were by Kate Crane who was a great inspiration to the young 'ahem' girl. So after watching the DVD's one day whilst doing her ironing - the young girl (OK rather middle aged girl) decided to have a play.
On the same day, another person who gave alot of inspiration to the middle aged girl - Lily of The Ocotpode Factory - issued The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge  'Once Upon a Time'  So even though middle aged girl hadn't yet completed the previous weeks challenge she decided to have a go, using Kate's Techniques and Lily's Images. 
The Middle Aged Girl had a lovely time getting inky and painty and threw all her inhibitions away about using her handwriting on a page. She even made a colour wheel before she started! 
She used Gesso and stamped into it using a piece of her sons lego (don't mention that bit please), she used paints and inks and a lovely new 'splodges' mask given to her for her birthday by her dear friend Kathy aka Ducklady and when it all looked like it was going to be a total failure remembered Kate's words
 'There are no mistakes in art - keep going and it will be OK'  
So middle aged girl did keep going and she thinks it does look OK

So the Moral of the Story is

Put away the Ironing and get in your Craft room and get messy - its the way to a happy life!

Now a question for you.... Who is the Journalled page about???


  1. Love it! Just my colours. Amazingly I've just walked away from my ironing to blog about my latest play with Octopode images......the iron's still on....I should go back to it.....or maybe just unplug the devil and get inky again.......

    I think the page is about every little girl ever. I know mine is set to conquer the world anyway!

    Good stuff, Nicks x

  2. Lol glad the pressie came in useful so quickly! Great colours and texture. I hope you didn't damage the lego piece, is it now pink!!

  3. Wow your page is wonderful Nicks and such terrific colours and design. Guess this is a story about you as you are always ready with an open heart to take on the world and all its problems.

  4. Wonderful design, and love the 'story' :)

    My ironing's done and it's raining - so it's time to play :)

  5. Love this and the story has a perfect ending!!! No ironing just crafting!!! Love Hazelxo

  6. As usual terrific work. Love the colours and layoout x

  7. hehehehee i think the young 'ahem' girl created the most amazing piece of art :) This is gorgeous hun i love the colours and lilys images are FAB, i now have all the stamps in stock at the shop and I LOVE THEM

  8. What a very talented young lady with all her priorities right for a crafter! lol
    Yes, it's amazing how it can work out if you just hang in there and have faith.

    Great page xx

  9. Fab page Nicks - makes mine look so plain - LOL, still I'll have fun making more mess trying out others and I'll just ignore the pile of ironing taunting me in the corner x

    oh and I think your journalled page is about yourself xx

  10. Ummmm Nicks, you said that 'I' word.

    But it was worth seeing that naughty word after seeing your brilliant page.


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