Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Monday, 5 September 2011

AWOL and its not August anymore! TOFFC and something maybe creepy

Well the kids are back to school on Wednesday and time has gone so quickly, we've had a lovely busy last 6 weeks but consequently that means I haven't had much time to blog, not that there would have been much point because I haven't had much time to do anything arty.  I have been a good girl though and kept up with my for Kate's Calendar Challenge
Quite a bit of this month's entries were done on a campsite and I had taken limited supplies, so there is a lot of doodling done on this page - also just noticed that I didn't outline all the Day tags on the middle row - but hey, August is done and dusted now so they can stay like that.

Sorting out all the washing and ironing and everything else that is needed for two weeks on a very wet campsite has kept me busy since we returned, but as our electricity was cut off today for a few hours I had time to play - gosh you don't realise how much you use the sparky stuff when you are getting inky - no heatgun, no computer for digi images or creating text and most importantly no kettle!
But I did manage to do Chapter 6 for my own personal 'story book' which fits in most weeks with Lily's The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge 
This week was Stripes - not clear from the photo but other that the 'frame' which I have created from some gorgeous Japanese Washi Tape (as seen on Kate Cranes DVD) 

Now... if you were walking along  Branscombe Beach a couple of weeks ago and saw one middle-aged woman with her much prettier daughter, struggling along with armfuls of rusty metal - then that was me and my DD. and if you did why didn't you stop to help rather than just give us rather bemused looks?
This pile started off with a small piece of metal I picked up, which looked interesting - then there was another bit , and another and another - Between us, DD and I came up with an idea for a project using these bits and pieces....... Then eeeeekkkk.... we realised what we were collecting, all pieces from  it seems the same car, now this spooked me a bit, is this the outcome of some poor soul who drove their car over a cliff somewhere?? Not sure now how I feel about using  them, but we brought them 300 miles home so I reckon I will get over it (I think) 

Thats All Folks.. Toodlepip!


  1. so glad to see you back Nicks!

    great work

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  3. It cracked me up to hear that the parts were from the same car. I had an even more interesting picture imagining you toting the parts up the beach!

    Love the rich colors of your calendar. Hope you have to get crafty in September.

  4. Love all that doodling! Hope I get to see what you do with your rusty metal!

  5. Your calendar pages look fab - absolutely love the tags :-) I recognise the washi tape on the border of your journal page - it looks great, it's such a great contrast to your background .

  6. Love your pages so colourful x

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