Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Its a Dog's life,,,,,,

Art isn't just for humans, as I found out when i left a project on my desk, whislt waiting for some Gesso to dry. I was trying to create a nice textured background by applying gesso through a mask... Marzie obviously thought it wasnt textured enough and that it needed a few paw marks on it - she then decided that out floors needed a few gesso pawprints on it - that is how we realised we had a puppy artist in the house!! FYI its easier to clean gesso off wooden floors than it is dog fur/paws.......

Dog art!!

I rather like the fact that our family pet has had a paw in helping with 'the book'

I rather like the fact that our family pet has had a paw in helping with 'the book'

After the gesso had dried, I coloured it using Brusho and  Colourwash  sprays and dribbled on some gold metallic alcohol inks. I was very very happy with the result and didn't really want to cover it up with images plus since it is quite textured it would be tricky to adhere paper images or stamp directly onto it, so I did consider leaving it and just adding text. When I want to stamp onto altered art projects I often stamp onto white tissue paper and use PVA to stick the image onto the project - the PVA makes the tissue paper seem to disappear. However I wanted to use some digi images on this page. I experimented by taping some tissue to a piece of very thin card and putting this through the printer.... works a treat!! mmmmmmm I can see loads of possibilites using this technique! For someone who was rather anti Digi stamps, I have done a complete U-turn!!

I heard the quote I have used on this page on a podcast I downloaded about journalling - sorry I cant remember the name of the person so I cant credit it - but it hit a chord with me and i think it applies to art not just journalling - you dont have to fill the whole page, just make your mark!

I haven't joined in with TOFFC this week as I couldn't really fit in the Halloween theme, but I thought I would share with you my son's Halloween pumpkin....


  1. So many brilliant artists in your house....and yes I'm including the dog and your son :-)
    A x

  2. Another great page Love the techniques tissue in printer Mmmmmm loads of possibilities thanks for the tip !
    Eds Pumpkin is awesome he has some fantastic talent there .
    As for Marzie well looks like she is in her experimental stage LOL
    Quote is true! xxxx

  3. Love your artistic dog - and your son too! Hope he cleared up after himself, lol!

  4. Great work Nobbs family, I love it! Loving the colours used too!

  5. hahahahaha I just love your sons sense of humour...amazing pumpkin!!!!!

    Your page is so inspiring, love that too x

  6. How funny that your dog wanted to get into the action! And the pumpkin is achingly funny too! Patsy from

  7. Love the texture, love the post, you sound creative & chaotic & I can relate to the wonderful mix ;)

  8. aaaaaaaah haha that is Ed all over
    Love it

    Marzie is an artist too apparently


  9. Hello stranger, sorry it's been a you may know health issues have been hampering with my free time! It seems everyone is well into the whole art journalling thing at the minute, you've done some amazing pages {i had a quick peek round} hope your well xo


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