Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Thursday, 14 February 2008

School half term = not much crafting!

Busy week in this house OH and children are in a pantomime, six performances this week which means not alot of crafting has been done..... well at least not by me, I have just found my son ( I thought he was quiet, which is always a danger sign) 'altering' a box in the craft room... Oh well I'll tidy up the mess tomorrow!

I have been taking part in an ATC 'Jam swap', which is where you decorate 1/4 of an ATC and then pass it on to someone else to do a quarter and so on.. I gave my team members each a piece of a jigsaw to decorate, and here is the result, I think it is fab. If you ever get a chance to take part in a Jam, don't hesitate!!
I did sneak in a bit of crafting this morning whilst the family went to the dentist, and started on a swap I am hosting called Take 6. It's a kind of recipe of things you can and must use on an ATC.
Your own background, metal, fabric/leather, embossing powder, clay and string.... people have been telling me that I have challenged them, and they are right, it's not as easy as it's sounds!! I've managed to complete two so far, only another four to go!
Off now to cook some food for the thespians and then off to shift some scenery (playing havoc with my carpal tunnel LOL)


  1. nice little blog here. You wrote a comment on my blog and i always try to repay the favour, Your stukk is amazing , way different than mine but i love it. Our half term starts today !!!!!

  2. Yes I've had to put most of my crafty stuff cos of half term as I want daughter to have no excuse not to get her art project work done. Not much action so far tho! Had to laugh at you struggling with your Take 6 - I'm sure it'll still be amazing.


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