Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Friday, 8 February 2008

Sssshhh Don't tell my Husband!

But here is his birthday present..... he gets cross because I give most of my stuff away and he loved the clock I made for Katherine for her birthday so I thought I had better make him before this is made from a milkshake powder box, the only problem is that the kids don't drink it fast enough so the contents have been decanted into another jar!

I started with the box and gave it a wipe out with a damp cloth, still smelt a bit of strawberries but the paint soon solves this problem! Because it was a shiny coated surface I applied Gesso inside and out and once that was dry applied a dark red paint. Over this I painted some crackle glaze medium, once it was dry (takes an age and I am not patient and you can't use your heat gun to speed it up) I used a black matt acrylic, I have found that this technique does not work with metallic paint. I didn't apply it all over the box, just here and there... at this point it was too dark and not red enough for me, so I repeated the process over some of the black areas and then 'cracked' some burgundy paint. Once that was dry (yawn) I could really start to play... a bit more paint here and there which I did dry with my gun which makes it bubble up and distort. A bit of Metal magic sprinkled here and there..... The centre 'lock' was made from fimo, a friend lent me the mould (she who has everything aka duckface) so I had made some in advance, it was silver so I painted it red and gold. Then it was just a case of adding bits and pieces of old tat.... the box has a nice indented bottom which is great to fill with bits and pieces from my treasure chest (as the kids call it) and I made some clay letters, initials of the family. Glossy accent was poured over them. Embossed metal with wizard dies to make the padlock and key, and the script was embossed with a cuttlebug folder.... Face with wings... again a clay face with German scrap wings..... think that's about it.

Hope he likes it!


  1. nicks it is amazing i'm sure hes gonna love it!!! i am amazed at what you have done with a milkshake box! brilliant!.xxx

  2. well. what can I say [not as nice as mine lol] I'm sure he will like it

    must get some of them moulds ROFL - another stunning creation from the house of stunning art xx

  4. Who's just a lucky, lucky fella then! Talk about a work of art and a labour of love Nicks.
    Jan x

  5. Thats Amazing,Im only just getting into altering things......this is total inspiration!

  6. Wow NIcks, that is so good, what an inspiration.

  7. WOW !!!
    Nicks I am sure he will be bowled over by it .I would be it is absolutely fantastic .
    Fuchsia x

  8. Cor, I bet he loved it. It's brilliant!

  9. wow nicks its stunning, love it. Cindy x

  10. Wow it's brilliant(even though i don't understand it lol).


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