Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Happy Birthday to my Mate...

For some strange reason, my best mates husband thought it would be a treat to surprise her by bringing her up to Norfolk for her birthday............ can't think it's a treat but people have strange ideas!
By the time I post this she should be on her way.... I'm only a little excited. Hopefully she will have forgiven us by now for lying to her all week!!

I popped to Poundland to buy her a pressie, but found nothing suitable so she has got some more Nicks Tat to clutter up her home......... she is very good at quickly getting it all out of storage when I visit...... she reckons it's always on view, one of these days I'm going to give her a surprise visit and see if she can get it all out from under the stairs in the time it takes me to walk up the drive!!

Anyway......... here is the Tat...........

I found these lovely blank boxes just ripe for altering, some walnut ink/all my distress crackle paint (gawd i must luv her!!) and some copper later and here are the results. Copper is such fun to play with, but jolly hard work... the results are worth it now. Heating it and adding copper patina produces stunning colours.

a pendant... I made two one for Sparky and one for another dear friend, both very different and I left it to George to decide who got which one.... If they don't like them they will have to get together and swap them!

Card.......Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum.. dunno why I had to use this stamp LOL

gawd she is such high maintenance she insisted on a BRAK (Birthday Random ATC of Kindness)as well!! I bought some really cute mini clock bits from Tanda stamps who I can highly recommend , so just had to use one on her ATC

Well as they say, That's all Folks

Happy Birthday Sparky,

I hope you have a lovely weekend, we all treasure you and John

Thanks for sharing your Birthday with us

(not that you had much choice in the matter, but you could have done a runner!!)



  1. Well Sparkles is one lucky lady they are all lovely pieces of work and am sure she will love them .

  2. one very very lucky lady is getting these goodies and my goodness you are such a super hero as you did it one handed - your talent is just boundless, Happy Birthday sparkles and have an awesome weekend


  3. Your post made me giggle :)
    I hope your friend enjoys her birthday - I certainly wouldn't hide your creations under any stairs, they would be proudly displayed.. nice work.!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment re: bubs and I. Not much time for art and craft at teh moment, lol!

  5. They' re all absolutely brilliant. Sparkles is a very lucky lady!

  6. I am a very lucky 'lady' they were are all to be treasured.
    Thanks mate

  7. I love the boxes! They are absolutely gorgeous, as are the colours you've managed to create

  8. I love the boxes too Nicks, and of course the clock ATC (shhhh!).

    I'm sure Sparkles had a great weekend, Belated happy birthday to her.
    Hope your wrist is recovering well Nicks. It aint stopping you thats for sure. lol

  9. I love the boxes too Nicks, and of course the Clock,having the priviledge of seeing it first,lol.
    I'm sure sparkles had a lovely weekend, Happy belated birthday to her.
    I hope your wrist is recovering well Nicks, It aint stopping you, thats for sure LOL.

  10. These are so brilliant, Sparkles is a lucky lady for sure. Please tell me all about your copper tricks, i love the way it looks :) I dont think for one minute these are hidden away and if they are i have a shelf in my craft room thats quite empty :) lol

  11. yes, one very lucky lady [lady?] indeed things to be treasured

  12. I had a fabby weekend you know I did lol Shame it was so hot and made me feel queazy, but maybe that was the trampoline rofl
    Thanks bessie mate


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