Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Had the best weekend, and the trolley had an outing!

Back from Alexandra Palace and the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show! Had a lovely weekend cos not only do I get to go craft shopping but I have to make a slight detour of a couple of hundred miles and pick up my bessie in Kent. So a weekend away with dear friends, crafty shopping and meeting up with more friends at the show, what more can a girl ask for?

Had a bit of a spend but there was nothing new out there and a few prime stall holders missing, so just stocked up on supplies really, but that didn't detract from a lovely weekend.
I didn't do any ATC swapping like I normally do, but here are a few RAK's I made in the form of brooches/necklaces.

And take a look at this awesome book that was made for me by Debs! Gorgeous isn't it! But hands off you can't have it cos it's got my name on it!

Here is Deb's blog on Docrafts, don't know if you can view it if you aren't a member, perhaps someone could let me know!


  1. sparklessimplestuff29 September 2008 at 12:50

    and I got the 'Queen' one with a sparkly crown How lucky am I lol

  2. Wish I had come now necklaces are lovely and the book is Brill !

  3. hiya Nicks - I'm not a DoCrafts member and I can see the blog just fine

    Love the godies you made to dish out at Ally Pally - wish I had come down just to get one of those :)

    I think it's 3 years since I last went, it just costs me too much money, I don't trust myself :)

  4. WOW looks like you had a real fun day.... I didn't have any dosh left for Ally Pally Boo Hoo... I will go to NEC if I have saved enough...... love your trinkets how clever is that mmmmm
    and as for the book well that is gorgeous fab.....
    Sharon x

  5. Love my brooch thank you. And Debs' book is wow!

  6. Those brooches and pendants are soooo beautiful.
    I would love to know where you got those sweet little filigree wings from??
    And the book cover - wow! How elaborate is THAT?! Just off to view her blog now..........

  7. The RAKS are lovely - lucky people to get them....and LUCKY YOU getting that book! - beautiful!

    (Must try to get to Ally one day!)

    Ange x

  8. Saw you @ AP but didn't like to speak as it's been a long time since i was on the do-crafts site and you prob wouldn't remember me anyway.
    But i wanted to find your blog as i did see some of your AMAZING badges and pendants (worn by sparkles and a couple of others)and the trolly, oh the trolly HOW FAB IS THAT, and just knew i would love seeing more of your work.
    Hope you dont mind me saying my bit, keep up the fab Altered stuff, i shall be bookmarking your blog for inspiration.
    Hugs Nicky AKA Slinkyminx

  9. trolly looked great, the books debs did was awesome and the broochs were

  10. awww shucks glad you all liked the book!

    Nicks I love my pendant, thank you it is so cool. I am the proud owner of the one on the top left with the angel hanging off it.


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