Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

It's a W.I.P

I really don't know why I made the New Years resolution to do some journaling in 2009, cos I knew I wouldn't do it, I really would love to, but I just don't seem to be able to get around to doing it. A blank book, is worse than a blank...... well a blank anything really! One of these days I will start. but anyway, in the meanwhile (does that remind you of The Life of Brian??) I have started the 'Project for 2009' that I blogged about a bit further down the page. it's the Alphabet thingamajig ...... well it was, it is now covered in gesso. As it is impossible to dismantle it without ruining it, and therefore so fiddly to paint that I have decided against the 'perfect' paint effect and gesso'ed it as best I could and then sandpapered it back to give a distressed look, which of course also covers a multitude of sins, but I intend it to be a little bit autobiographical in an odd kind of way, so obviously it's going to be a bit distressed and battered. ( I hasten to add I have never been battered!!) Here it is, as it is ATM. Not going to hurry it along, will do a bit here and there as I feel like it, after all there are 60 4cmx4cm bits to fill. If I'm lucky I may just get a few friends to contribute a little 4x4 square .

and finally................... why are men sometimes so logical just when you don't want them to be?? I happened to mention to Matt today that I needed to organise my craftroom/his office as it was getting rather disorganised (to say the least)......... his only comment was 'Nick, you have just got too much stuff and it can't all fit in'................ I know he is right, but what is a girl to do??


  1. Lol Nicks they are always right hehehe but ..... what you do is just condense the stuff while tidying and then show him a 6 inch space and tell him " who has got too much space ??? " hehehe.
    Lovin your project and cant wait to see more of it :)

    Hey guess what the postie brought me today ???? YAYYYYY Oh ... you have to tell your fella that you NEED all that space to be such a great artist ! I adore the art frame and cant wait to put it up in my room so it can inspire me as i work. I will also blog about it when i get chance to get the photo done
    Hugs and many many thanks
    June x

  2. Great Project cant wait to see it progress .

    You could always give me the stuff that doesn't fit in your craft space I have a few little gaps on my shelves LOL

  3. Just one simple question from an simple aging thicko What is it??? lol.
    Whatever it is I know it will look good in the end.
    Hugs Gwen xxx

  4. Nicks I will be over in the morning to empty your craft stash into my car!

    Great idea for contributions to your wotsit - I have a very nice stamp!

    Debs H

  5. No point asking me Nicks. I have just had a purpose built workroon done, and it's full. More shelving units coming on Friday so I can empty my old room for Peter to use.

  6. Too much stuff!!!!!????? well, I suppose you could send some my way...I'm horrified to discover my 'six inch square' somehow managed to become seven inchish yesterday...I haven't even tidied up! needs filling in fast....argghhhh or I'll be chucked out of the SIS Club (which would be a fine thing as I'm the founder - help!)
    The WIP is looking interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing more work soon.
    Takes cares - Ange x


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