Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

It's still a WIP but

it's coming along! I will take some better photos when it complete, I am over half way to completion (the squares spin over so there is double to do to what you see here) It was supposed to be a long time project, doing a bit here and there between other bits and pieces, but I am so enjoying filling these little squares that not a lot else has got done, but it has given me lots of ideas for the Mixed Media Project I have in mind for YCJ so it is not in vain!
Will explain a bit more about the bits and pieces on here when it's complete...... and yes before any eagle-eyed people mention it, there are one or two bits on here that have been made for me (and Georgina) by other people, but what a great way to display them!
Oh and Breaking news...... I have finished organising my craft room and it is so cool now, esp since I have pushed Matt and his computer even more into a corner, and wait for this.... I have an empty drawer!
Never mind, cos this time next week Heidi and I will be at the Craft, Hobby and Stitch Trade show at the NEC so I'm sure there will be some hot new products arriving soon to fill any empty space I have!


  1. It's coming along VERY nicely Nicks! Lovely idea to incoporate bits you've rec from others....also helps cut down the amount of work YOU have to do LOL!
    Ange x

  2. so this means you won't want my 4x4 square LOL Whew !!

  3. not if you can't be bothered...... sure my bessie mate will make me one

  4. Hi Nicks - thanks for calling in! I really appreciate it because I know how busy you are.
    Fantastic work you are doing (of course - what else!) I love the alphabet thingy - what a great idea and, like all of your pieces, inspirational.

  5. now the question is would i want to be deamed suitable to add a bit of my TAT to your TAT taking into account you havent offered a bit of your TAT for my TAT wall box hanging!!!
    Hey Sparkles fancy making me a bit of TAT for my box LOL - and blimey gotta spend the day with my partner in crime.......the question is can we behave ourselves with our comments at the trade show ROFL

  6. But Heidi my dear there are already two bits of your old tat on there, and bloomin awesome they look as well.... sure S would glady make you sommat since she can't be bothered to make me anything

  7. Oh Wow ! cant wait to see it up close x


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