Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Friday, 3 April 2009

Yummy Grungepaper

Well I've had my first play with this lovely stuff, which is just like Grungeboard, but alot thinner, more the stiffness of thin card rather than paper but has loads of possibilities. It can be treated just the same as GB but can also be folded. punched and stitched (wondering at this point whether it can be printed on.. mmm must give that a try!) ... by punched I mean you can punch shapes out of it with your paper punches, not physically punched, though if you have had a bad day I'm it wouldn't mind a bit of battering!!

Anyway here is my first quick project, an Ipod case. It will be interesting to see how it stands up to rolling around in my handbag and alot of handling!
It has been painted, glimmermisted, stamped, put through my wizard with a cuttlebug embossing folder, and I have glued and added eyelets to the 'seam'. I did intend on sewing along the edges and tried to use a sewing machine that I borrowed from a friend, but found the bit for winding the cotton onto the bobbin was broken. she has informed me this morning that you need to use a toothpick and bit of blutack...... anyway I couldn't wait for her expert technical knowledge so used eyelets instead!
It's not a great finished project but at least I have had a play and got something to protect the new Ipod that is causing me more headaches that any crafty project.. Any Ipod experts out there??
I will have to experiment a bit more with the GP, but on first impressions it's alot of fun and has endless possibilities!
Took delivery yesterday of some love alterable stuff that we will using at Your Creative Journey later this month and will also later be selling on our website, so bookmark the site and keep popping back! There are still a few places available at our workshops if you are quick!


  1. Ok, consider this my order for one of these lovlies. Fantastic. And I love the low tech cover for your hi tech gear. Juxtaposition! Yay! I got to use an artist word!

  2. cool stuff and yes i am going to have to buy some now - will just have to miss a couple of meals to pay for it hahahaha. And as for my comments on your ipod.................i think you can guess rofl...... for those that dont know i swapped my ipod for a cricut hahahahahaha

  3. sadly Orange weren't offering a free Cricut when Matt got his phone

  4. This looks great Nicks - gotta get me some of this!
    Oh and as for the iPod.. suggest you go grab the nearest 10 year old and ask them to show you... they're expert at EVERYTHING (or so I'm told!!!!)LOL

  5. Oh Nicks what a lovely case for it , luv it, cant help with the ipod though, sorry, see ya soon. sue.x

  6. awesome nicks, love the colours on this! yes if you move i'll make you one :O) shall try to make it a lot more altered for you

  7. Another great piece.


  8. Oh wow wee - I'm gonna have to get some! Mate, you need to get rid of art inspiration 4 today, lol! Put this there instead:
    I think you're too busy, yes???

    Hey - just saw your amazing matchbox art - we must be on the same wave length. You seen what my friend and I did with our matchboxes:

  9. Wow great stuff.

    Margi x


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