Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Another Challenge, More Clay and Drumming Fingers!

Well I set the challenge (which was rather brave or maybe presumptuous as my partner in crime - the smug one from Suffolk was temporarily unavailable so I couldn't consult her... which is why it is easy this month !!) so I thought I better have a go. Have you noticed I am having a bit of a 'Clay' moment recently?
Well I really just wanted to have a play mixing and blending clay, and as you can see that's what I have done combined with texture mats and boards and a simple square mosaic pattern. It was originally a mirror from that famous Swedish store and being the dimwit that I am I used 'bake and bond' a clay adhesive which needs to be baked. So I stuck and 'cooked' the clay on the wooden mirror..... ummmmm the glue which was holding the mirror in melted... out dropped the mirror and stuck to the bottom of my clay oven, as if that wasn't stupid enough I picked the mirror up (oops that's hot) and in my eagerness to sort out the gluey mess, placed mirror on draining board. So that brings me onto Dimwit action number two.. the glue set and mirror is now stuck to draining board..... Fortunately I managed to unstick it without incurring 7 years bad luck!
So with the mirror out of the way I actually decided not to use it, the middle bit of this may or may not stay, not sure if I really like it but anyway I had thought i would try and practise my rather rusty calligraphy skills, which are so rusty that I can't actually even find my calligraphy pen. So when I do unearth the pen, I may well change the centre bit.

Oh and while I have your attention (I am assuming you have read this far... maybe not... I don't blame you!) I must tell you about my most fabby ever friend and her fabby DIL who spent an afternoon working on a project to try and cheer me up... we are several hundred miles apart so like you I had to watch the video, check it out on
and when you have finished there hop over to Nicki's website to see some awesome art - you won't regret it

oh just one more thing..... just remebered I called this post 'Another Challenge, More Clay and Drumming Fingers!'

well I am drumming my fingers in eager anticipation of another lesson being posted tomorrow for the AB course I am doing.... it promises to be a good one this week!


  1. now that is something special, you improve with age lol
    Sparkles xx

  2. wow...what we all do to cheer one up lol....brilliant hugs mandyxxxxxxx

  3. This is cool!!!! (Which is probably NOT what your fingers felt when they tried to pick it up from the oven bottom! LOL)
    And you really ARE a nuisance cos this is something else I can make a mess fiddling with!

  4. WOWEEEEEEEEEEE, this is amazing, so detailed. I love it.

  5. God you're a laugh! But look at the result!! Gorgeousness. Just Gorgeousness.
    I'm drumming my fingers to see what you get up to next!
    Love Debrina (Debbie)

  6. Love this....also saw it on Docrafts, I too have altered three mirrors in total now - used Stampbord, it is quite addictive...I however love this version.

    Carol x

  7. Ouch, owch, eh, aaah! An altered drainer - well, that's different!

    Great piece the end result after your adventures with it.



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