Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Friday, 15 January 2010

All Present, Delivered and Correct....

Well maybe not correct, but pressie has been delivered to Katherine T.
Another altered box, which was just a plain pine jewellery box to begin with.
Katherine gave me some model magic so I wanted to have a play with that, and it ended up on her birthday present.
I rolled it very thinly, stamped into it and folded it, tweaked it, painted it.
This sits on a layer of painted and heated Tyvek.
I made a mould of a Gargoyle fridge magnet and used the model magic in that... its a very details and in parts undercut mould, and it came out much better than the ones I have tried to make with oven baked polymer clays.

Inside there is a removable tray. There is a working clock inside one of the compartments, the face of the clock is embossed metal, which i just doodled on. The bottom of the other compartments are filled with UTEE, coloured with Mica powders.

The lower tray has been lined with metal from Tomato Puree tubes... I love the colour of these and usually flatten them in my Wizard, but have left them creased here and covered them with clear UTEE and a few micro beads.
I have just noticed that some of these photos were taken whist the outside was matt black.. I have since sprayed it with a green mica spray.  The sides are metal, wire, beads, embossing powder and some fab felt like stuff that you can heat and it melts... oh I am so sad getting excited about such stuff!


  1. Pictures do not do it justice. The colours are just lush and it's so textural. Looks gorgeous on my chest of drawers and I will now know where to find my earrings! Thank you Nicks, I blummin love it! KT

  2. Well, I always thought you were pretty good, but reluctantly I must now admit that you are b*%%@/ good!!! Phenomenal !

  3. Wow, That is just brilliant. You have such talent. Thanks your for sharing it.
    A x

  4. Fantastic box - inside and out, no wonder Katherine is pleased!

  5. Now that is a WOW !!
    I've got that mould lol No one would guess where it came from but it looks so good


  6. This is truly GORGEOUS, absolutely beautiful, fantastic work!

    Carol x

  7. Woooooh Thats really cool I love the idea of Tomato purree tubes fantasic colour they turn out ,Plus the whole box has been transformed into and object of sublime beauty x

  8. WOW this is so amazin, so much detail and the colours are gorgeous, so creative :)

  9. The box is fabulous, love all the texture and colours. Lucky Katherine.

  10. Oh this is just gorgeous! I bet katherine is over the moon.


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