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old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It's that time again - WOYWW

Whats On Your Work desk Wednesday..

I forgot first thing when it was nice and tidy ** ahem cough cough fingers crossed behind my back **
 and I am in the middle of a project for my dear Dads 80th Birthday on Sunday. He doesn't want any presents he has ask for us to donate to our local cancer charity The Big C, which as a family is close to our hearts. So I thought I would make him a special 'card' instead. So you can see a Star book in mid construction. I'll give more details when I blog it as a finished article, but I have come to a bit of a halt right now and am having a cuppa and blogging whilst I think what to do on the main pages.

So you can spy rather alot of waste from double sided tape which has been used in abandon and hey you can see my Big Bite, which I have to admit was not one of my best buys. I love my cropodile but decided I needed a BB as you have a longer reach, and it was a must to punch  ALL those holes in the middle of projects... well that was about once. I find it much more fiddly to use and still get out my faithful Cropodile. Well you live and learn and I am sure I will need it one day!!

oh dear you can also see a snippet of under my desk, I didnt mean that to happen!!!

Any WOYWW regulars may remember that I was hiding a project I was in the middle of last week until it was finished and safely in the hands of the people it was intended for, if you would like to see what it was then scroll down a post.

If you dont know what WOYWW is all about and are nosey by nature then click on the WOYWW button on the right hand side and have a look!


  1. Fab crafting space. Look forward to seeing the star book when finished.
    A x

  2. Am also really looking forward to seeing the finished star book, have never attempted one myself.

  3. What a great desk! I love the GS tins for your tools and pens great idea! and that's some hard core crafting mat there!!! three layered together WOW!!!! :) lovely to let us nose about thank you :)

  4. The star card is coming along nicely.
    Someone's got a sweet tooth! All those golden syrup tins. But if you've got them, might as well recyle them as you have done. My pens are stored in old baked beans tins decorated with fancy papers ;)

  5. Can't wait to see the star card when complete ... great looking desk today too :0)

  6. star book looks interesting.

    I havn't had a cropadile, but do ahve a big bite and use it loads

  7. Looks like it will be a really neat card. Nice work area.

  8. I must join in with the WOY.. watsit one day, it's just that I have this obsession to tidy up all the time (only my craft desk not the rest of the house)!! I'm with you on the BB - I find it a little too large and it always topples over - and putting the feet on takes time, because of course, after each use, I tidy it away in it's box!
    I hope you Dad has a really special birthday and he's bound to love your star card.

  9. Love all your stuff hanging on the shelves in the back ground, really touchy feely sort of stuff! (I still haven't used up my golden syrup, so not put my pens into the tins yet!)

  10. Inspiring, Nicks, that sums it up for me. Love to se what you're working on, and the star book sounds a fab idea. The GS tins attract my eye too - must be the sweet tooth. If that makes sense!!

  11. For a work in progress that desk looks remarkable tidy Nicks.. mine would be way way messier lol

  12. I love u
    you desk Nicks - its so colourful with rich colours and love the treakel tins - adds to the colour. I'd love to see the star book finished.

    Paula x x x

  13. sorry - I didn;t mean to tell you I loved you!!! Typo I didn't see - doesn't help that the cat is laying on my right arm while i'm trying to type.... !!!

    Paula x x x

  14. Your star book looks intesting I hope you share the finished item with us. Hugs Pam

  15. Creative chaos, not as bad as we've seen before, you seem to have lost your knack??! I laughed out loud at Paula saying she loved you!!! I'm sure your Dad will love the star card/book, will stop by later to see how it turned out.

    Mrs B

  16. Hi Nicks,

    Great share - those star books are just the greatest! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Ramona :-)


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