Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

WOYWW..... The Real Nicks is back

or at least the desk is back to its usual state.... not that you can tell because you can't actually see the desk... its been tidy for too many Wednesday's, but fear not normal surface is resumed...
I am in the middle of a project but can't scan anymore to the right in case you can catch a glimpse...because the project may be for you!! I don't think I have left any clues out as to what/for whom it is for, but you may be able to see I have been using paints, embossing powders, cosmic shimmers and my metal working tools.

cast your eyes to the right and you will be able to see my new toys... some metalwork alphabet punches... wanted some for ages and found a bargain on Amazon!

I have been very brave and have taken pictures of the rest of my craft room... it may not look it but it is very well organised, I bet you I know where everything is!
So here it is

top row is to my right... stamps, bits and pieces on the shelves and glues and tools and gesso etc etc in the cupboard... punches, ink-pads, embossing powders etc in the little drawers ... whoops didn't remove the dustpan and brush, but at least you know I do sweep up occasionally!
Bottom row.. paints and bottles of stuff... books and boxes of stuff..

There, now you have seen it......

oh and just one more picture, a few of you asked to see what was in my booty bag of fabric, well here it is (plus a few extra bits I already had) neatly put away in a drawer -

- talking of drawers maybe we should share them next time (the open close variety, not underwear!!)


  1. Oh my, that was a LOVELY nosey around your place! You've got so much STUFF I am seriously impressed. Well organised stuff too, which coming from a neat freak like me is a real accolade! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your storage spaces. That is seriously one lot of golden syrup tins I can see [result of lots of flapjacks maybe?]. I really love all your fabrics in the drawer...thanks for sharing them.
    A x

  3. I think the desk is fab .. now I think we have to have a talk about the rest, needs a little Von touch... mess I mean , lol
    one day I may get organised, but I am having far to much fun making a mess, lol

  4. ooo where to look first!!! I am intrigued by your metal alphas, have fun with them. I am guessing your family love syrup hahaha! and how organised does your shelf system!!! XXX

  5. ells bells Nicks!!!! how do you know where everything is in your fab. craft it, luv georgy girlxx

  6. I am absolutely blown away by all your lovely stuff, in fact, I'm so blown away I'm going to completely forgive you your messy desk! That's how stunned I am. Love, love, love your workroom and all that amazing stuff.... but now you have to show us what's in all those drawers and boxes! Where do you live?? I'm putting you on my itinery for my UK trip this summer!!


  7. wow, you have lots of neat looking stuff

  8. Can I move into your craft room this weekend? What a place! It is absolutely gobsmackingly fabulous. Teehehee, I was going to ask what you have in there, but I think writing an inventory would probably take you a few weeks. Can I be envious, is that bad?

  9. Oh wow Nicks...just wow! Your desk is an amazing enough place, without the swing! You are a secret tidy gal I need the order and organisation so that you can get creative on the desk! If you're prepared to tell us all, we'll all come around this summer!!

  10. Your storage looks fab unlike mine which is a complete mess! mind you the desk is

  11. I love coming to your desk Nicks, its always so colourful and arty. OMG how much stuff have you got??? Bet you daren;t tot up in your head how much you've spent!!!

    Good on ya - enjoy!

    Paula x x x

  12. Your storage looks fab so organised. Hugs Pam x

  13. it all looks fab. Can't wait to see what you have been making, sounds great.

  14. love all your inks and paints and shelving, and what a great use for golden syrup tins !! with the syrup taken out first of course... Loved coming over to 'visit'

  15. Soooooo much yumminess and all in the same place ... I wanna come play :0)

  16. Haven't you got a lot of "stuff" !!
    Pam x

  17. when you coming to do mine ? You know you want to LOL
    www.SparklesSimpleStuff.blogspot .com

  18. wow - that's a room and a half!! Just one question - do you and yours eat much Golden Syrup!!? I love that those tins are full of all sorts of tools like toothbrushes and things!

  19. Oh Nicks... no wonder you always produce fab art with a room full to the brim of super inspiring stash... be greatful i don't live closer or i'd be camping outside your house till you let me in to play lol
    hugs Minxy x

  20. My craft corners look like a mess to my wife but I know where everything is!! Well, until SHE puts it somewhere "safe", then we both can't find it!

    I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for for entering my OWOH giveaway! Sorry it took me so long to get back with you -- it's been a crazy few weeks. I'm following your blog now, and if you'd like to stop by mine and see if you like it, I'd love for you to follow me as well! :) Thanks,



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