Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Happy Birthday Mr Bessie

If you aren't a member of Docrafts then you probably won't know that my Bessie's husband has quite a Fan club... It's quite a long story but he has alot of ladies wishing to give him a well deserved hug. Sadly for them I am right at the front of the queue when it comes to hugs..... OK OK I placed myself there and there I am going to stay, and he doesn't seem to be complaining LOL. So here is his Birthday card/book, made with my new metal punches and ferro paint and distress stickles and cosmic shimmers and what ever else I threw at it. It does look like stone, hence the words inside.

Just a short post because I am getting ready to drive down tomorrow to give him a proper birthday hug

but I thought I would share a post that his DIL put on Facebook that sums him up just PERFECTLY!

Nicki MacRae Happy birthday to Dad / Pops - one of the kindest, most honest, genuine, warm, friendly, caring, dilligent, clever, organised, level headed, thoughtful men on the planet!! :-D Hip hop hip, hooray!!! xxx

Happy Birthday John xxxxxxx


  1. I have a special message for participants of The Artistic Mother's Art Group on my blog. I will be posting regular updates, tips for doing the projects and notes of encouragement. One of the future postings will be about the upcoming Flicker group for participants. I will have information for alternative ways the projects can look like and so many other things. There is a possibility that our group may be featured in a major art publication at some point, which will go unnamed at this time. We are going to be featured at Designing Moms soon. Everyone will want to post photos of their best work on their blogs because these publications may choose photos of some of the participants' work. I will do a post soon on how to take great photos to help you best showcase your work. I cannot possibly contact each participant individually when something important arises; so if you could check my blog often, that would be great. I don't want you miss anything. To make it easier for yourself, you could add my blog to your blog list. Then you will see when I have posted and you will know when to come.

    Tomorrow I will have tips for doing the first project.

    I posted a message today about getting started on The Artistic Mother workshop.

    Thank you again for being a part of this group. I know we will all get so much out of it and learn how to balance family and art time.

    Trudy Callan
    Coordinator for The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  2. It really does look carved in stone. Must have taken you ages to make. Fabulous.

  3. well, seeing as you had a mental block, you didn't do bad !!! lol
    He loved it xx

  4. It's just fab..I love the sentiment behind it too.

  5. absolutely gorjuss hun, just gorjuss xxxxxx

  6. Love the weathered stone look! This is FAB!

  7. Oh yummy, i'm sure the hug monster will love it.. can't remember the last time i visited do-crafts.. thats really where my internet craft journey started.. oh the shame of forgetting my roots lol

  8. I have never heard of do-crafts Nick, so I must go and investigate! I still haven't acknowledged your lovely award on my blog yet, but I thought I'd save it for next week as I'm doing a "Receiving adn Giving" post. I love what you have done for John here - it does indeed look like stone - that's very clever you know!!!! I love hugs...especially from my Andy who is big and burly!

  9. Love it! Debs H

  10. Fabulous Nicks, love the textures and colour. Bet John loved it.


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