Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

WOYWW.... Denying all responsibility

Wow its Wednesday again! So I went into my craft room where I haven't been for a few days for one reason or another, expecting it to be beautifully tidy as always ( ;-@ ) ........

Well, what did I find but the evidence that DD had been in there doing her homework.... so I cant be held responsible!!!

OK OK perhaps the latest copy of The Somerset Studio isn't hers, or the sheet of 'Alice Stamps' or Papier mache heart - they are there hoping awaiting some mojo for this weeks Sunday Stamper challenge, if I find a few minutes

but the scraps of paper and downloaded Black Eyed Peas Lyrics are down to her - gosh they have it easy these days, when I was her age I had to listen to the lyrics.. stop the cassette player.. write down the lyrics... start tape again, listen... stop... write...., start , listen... stop... write...., start , listen... stop... write....
Oh those were the days, we had it hard..!

Oh and maybe the paints, alcohol ink applicators, ink pad aren't hers either, they are still there from when a friends daughter came round, to find some different media for her A level Graphics Sample board...

So that's my desk today, looking forward to seeing everyone else's,

Oh and here are just a few photos from my weekend with The Bessies...

Just one more thing... people keep commenting on the amount of Golden Syrup we must get through.. not that much honest, but I have always loved and collected the tins for ages and of course flapjacks are always a favourite in this house and a Sunday treat is Golden syrup dribbled on cold Yorkshire puddings... one day I may show you my collection of Marmite Jars......


  1. oh go on blame someone else for the mess, ROFL.
    looks like you had a great weekend

  2. Still looks tidy to me Nicks. The thing about a tidy desk is that someone ALWAYS puts something on it. Bit like a tidy coffee table. Bah humbug! COngrats on your DT spot too, much deserved I think. And the jars and tins - no worse than my watches - I'm an enmpathiser for sure!!

  3. Ha, ha it is always someone elses fault isn't it - I live alone mostly so I don't have that luxury!
    It was fun snooping!

  4. Fab that a Slanket??? I neeeed one of looks so cosy and comfy ...I have revealed a shady secret on my desk today....please forgive me xx

  5. lovely photos, and I hope you get chance to use your desk soon.
    I need to find some of those tims to turn into ribbon holders, I saw a project once where a big bite had been used to punch holes in and the ribbons threaded through - neat

  6. Oh Nicks ... it is always such a pleasure visiting you ... the whole tape rewind thing has just transported me back to my youth.
    And BIG BIG BIG congratulations on the DT position ... Fab news ... you are gonna be great X

  7. NOOOOOOO not Marmite, yak, lol

    Oh yes, the good old days, and wondering if you heard the words right in the first place too, lol
    I would still blame every one eles for the mess... lol

  8. Love your desk today. All that mess your "daughter" made, ha ha. Not sure I have an excuse - drop by some time. Golden Syrup on cold Yorkshire puds???

  9. what are you making with paper mache hearts???? sorry i'm nosy!! hehe. can't wait to see what it is. have a great day xxx

  10. golden syrup! Yes, that's what I always think of when your crafty table pops up! I'm still on my same tin since I first started doing WOYWW...we're slow spyrup spreaders! Your crafty spread looks...tidy...!

  11. I'm glad I don't have to share my desk although I think I might have to in a couple of years time.
    Golden syrup on Yorkshire Puds is a new one to me! I wish Marmite jars were clear, they would make great flower jars and I would end up with loads of them!
    Clare x

  12. I'm always trying to blame someone else for my mess but it never works either, better luck next time! Hugs Pam x

  13. Hehehe shame we can't all blame someone else for our mess :-)
    A x

  14. Looks like your daughter is following in her mama's footsteps? Or paint tracks, or glitter trail, or whatever it is you have in your house! Don't teach her all your bad habits now will you??


  15. lol nicks, i remember the stop the tapes and scribble days too!!! romfl!!!!! at least you can see some of the surfaces on your craft desk, mine has been lost for over a week while i catch up on some uni work!!!! hugs lou xxx

  16. What next Nicks - your mustard tin collection? Aubergine pickle jars?! lol I am still trying to find that scrumptious pickle.....

  17. Hi Nicks,

    your 'tape/lyrics' story really took me back to Sunday nights when the top 40 was on and you'd tape your favourite songs - then you'd do what you said and write down the lyrics - when you then saw them in top of the pops mag (or what ever it was) - you would be totally surprised at what the actual words were - usually nothing like what you'd written but by then, you'd have got into the habit of singing the wrong ones... LOL!!

    Anyway - forget the desk - I'm really interested in the nickerbockerglory and your blanket thingy with arms in - I would love one of those... i love my blankets!!!

    Paula x x x

  18. Oh i did LOL reading the bit about the lyrics, you could of been discribing me to a tea, those defo were the days :D

  19. Its enough to make you sick, all this praise isn't it? ;-) But I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

    You can collect it here :-D

  20. You tart Nicks - you never told us you were snuggled up with Mr S on the settee and under a blanket too!!!!!! I think I need a trip down to Sparklesland to claim my own hugs and cuddles!!! lol

  21. Oh ha ha ha! I remember the days of stop-start-stop-start with the cassette player!! Kids these days don't know they are born :-))
    Syrup on Yorkshire puddings? Hmmmm, not sure about that one! Kate


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