Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Arsenic and Old Lace?

Or should that be Beeswax and Old Lace?? I suppose quite rightly that Joseph Kesselring didn't think Beeswax had the same ring or poisonous qualities as Arsenic, but for me and Hels Sunday Stamper Challenge the Beeswax worked quite nicely.

I had some unexpected free time this afternoon, so decided to have a go at Hels 'Lace' challenge.
She must have know that I picked up 2 metres of lace for 20p at the mini-scrap box yesterday, just hours before she posted the challenge - I am not a lacy girl so it must have been fate!
Whilst tidying Sparky's craftroom last time I visited I found these rather cute 4"x4" deep sided canvas's and she kindly gave me a couple. Since I will be staying with her in 4 sleeps time I thought I better use one or else she will moan 'haven't you use those watsits yet'
I also wanted to have another play with the Eco paints, and then that obviously (!) led me onto deciding to try out some beeswax I bought a while ago and the because I was listening to 'Les Mis' on my Ipod I remembered I had this lovely stamp which is of course iconic of LM and fits beautifully on the canvas. So I painted and then stencilled through sequin waste (note to self - put Jennies stencil waste rubber stamps on my Ally Pally shopping list!) Then I brushed on layers of beeswax and stamped the girl onto tissue paper and 'glued' it onto the canvas with more beeswax. Then 'I dreamed a dream' started playing. It was then a 'happy accident' occurred... I got some shrink plastic down from the shelf so that I could make a 'tag' (dream a dream) -- now my shelves are rather full - some may say overfull - and down came a bit of an avalanche, I was showered with clay moulds but more importantly floating down was the gold transfer foil I bought yesterday for 40p a metre - would it work on hot wax?? yes it bloomin does and it looks fab!
I am a serious wax novice and I was trying to get it smooth but soon realised that I liked the 'bumpy' effect on this project as it looks more dreamy. Finally I mounted it on a couple of cotton reels I had knocking about, so it can stand up rather than being hung on a wall.
All in all I am really happy with this quick bank holiday afternoon project.

*** Update... I searched youtube last night for more info on Beeswax and watched one done by the Queen of Wax Suze Weinburg, and guess what she used foils on her wax....
and there I was thinking I had made an useful discovery LOL ****


  1. Wow, this is totally divine hun..thanks for joining in with the challenge...and I loooove that stamp...need it! Hugs x

  2. Wow Nicks, as usual it's fab! I love it. Is the Les Mis image a stamp or have you downloaded it?

  3. I love this its amazing. Saw the stage show in December and it reminded me what a fab time i had. Your blog is great. sandra x

  4. Sorry Nicks, forgot to put my name on my comment above - the one asking if it was a stamp or a download! lol

  5. Love beeswax, and I love this! Your image was perfect for this, and I love the colors!

  6. This is lovely!! How I love the texture and the image from Les Mis (which I have seen five times in five different venues!) always delights me!! Brava, you!

  7. Love the cnavas and the image is fabulous! LM has to be the best stage show I have ever seen :)

  8. This is beautiful Nicks ... I really must seek and find that stamp ... like now! Before I got distracted by this beautiful piece of art ... I actually popped by to say Thank you ... your comments make I larf ... a lot X

  9. Hi Nicks - I have just found your blog via, I think, LB crafts, and maybe Hels Sheridan. I think your stuff is just brilliant.
    I'm afraid I do probably everything you don't - cute. I occasionnally move away from it. I notice on your side column you have one of my fav stamps - Moods of a Woman - just fab.


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