Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Monday, 24 May 2010

Celebrate with a Cuppa!

My girls came up trumps today, bless them. We were warned that because of the stress of the last few days.. cage - moved to truck - travelling - farm - first ever exposure to daylight and then just as they were getting used to that, along came 4 excited people who put them in boxes and drove them to a new home - that they may go off lay for a week or so. Well that's not the case for our girls because between the five of them they have produced five eggs!

So as always is my want I thought we should celebrate with a cuppa!
This months DT pack contained some scrummy Crafty Notions Spraypaque in the most luscious colours and the theme of the latest Upcycle course is 'Picnic'. Last week we started to make some wet felted cups and saucers, not sure how they will turn out, so I have made a cup and saucer from commercial felt.
I have a roll of this 'stuff ' not sure what it is called but it came from a Floristry supplies warehouse - don't know what they do with it, wrap it round flower arrangements I suppose!! - I sprayed it with the spraypaque - should have allowed each colour to dry before using another colour as they do muddy a bit if they are mixed.

Whilst they were drying I ironed some double sided Bondaweb (wonder-under_ onto some felt, and then added a layer of 'printers foil' which I picked up for 40p a metre from our local scrapbox. The Bondaweb worked brilliantly - almost two well because I wasn't expecting it to cover the felt completely, I imagined there would be some patches where it didn't take, but not so.
The webby floristry stuff was then 'stuck' onto the foil with more bondaweb. Made it into a cup by sewing a small circle of felt as the base and adding a handle with some of the offcuts leftover from the cup.

The saucer was made with a circle of felt, again I used bondaweb to add the webbing but omitted the gold - thought that would just be a bit too 'bling' (I'm breaking myself in gently where shiny stuff is concerned!)
I then used some Paverpol that I got in last months DT pack and moulded it over a saucer.

Not actually useful, but pretty cool! -

Better go and make myself a proper cup of tea and check on the chooks and then think about more uses for this lovely paint and some puffy paint  and Gilding flakes Lynne also sent. Will be back soon with some more DT projects!

Finally a bit of advice from Bebe
' If in doubt and you dont know what to do, stand on one leg and look innocent '


  1. Those colours are beautiful and I love the webby stuff - wonder how to go about googling to find it?!!
    Congrats with the Chuckie eggs too.

  2. How Brilliant, 5 eggs, you must be thrilled to bits Nicks.
    Love your latest project, its totally gorgeous, don't know whether you will be able to have your cuppa out of it though.....
    Annette x

  3. Wow! The cup and saucer are stunning, such vibrant colours.
    Glad the hens are going so well :)

  4. If you are connected services through Penny Stocks so an opinion on this website is good for you.

  5. Love the cup and saucer - very original as well as gorgeous. I'd love to know where I could buy some of the floristry stuff, too!

  6. That was quick with the eggs - how lovely! Good old Bebe eh - maybe she laid all 5!

    Love your cup and saucer - in fact I think it's pretty amazing.

  7. Flipping heck, thats gorgeous!
    And how lovely are those girls, producing 5 eggs for your already, thats brilliant.

  8. Love the cup and saucer Nicks, they are fab.
    When can I come to meet the chucks?

  9. You are extremely creative. The cup and saucer are wonderful. I recently bought some paverpol and haven't used it yet. Great idea..

  10. OMG that coffee can and saucer are stupendous! KT

  11. Stunning effect on the cup and saucer! Congrats on the eggs...

  12. I seem to have missed so much.. you creative little minx you.. the cup and saucer, just truely outstanding


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