Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Where do the weeks go?

Who stole the days between last the last WOYWW and this one? I have hardly had time to tidy up since last week, but tidy up I did because Matt promised that if I cleared away the - his words NOT mine - dumping ground for tat aka the window sill, he would remove the old fittings for the triple glazing we had in the windows that the MOD kindly put in when we had Jets flying overhead from RAF Coltishall, sadly the camp has now closed down and I kinda miss those noisy old jets, but I digress... the idea being was that I would then have some room for some fab wooden boxes we picked up from Scrapbox, which double up as window boxes, I was hoping to show you but he has been too busy building Chicken runs for my ladies and connecting his new printer................

 Which is why, my desk which was fairly tidy when I went to bed last night, now looks like this! The detritus from his desk seems to have moved onto mine!!!! Not fair is it, cos I am normally SO tidy!

Not alot else to show you today because I haven't been too arty recently - oh apart from the cup below, I forgot to show you the bottom of the 'saucer' which is using printers foil again but because I tried to add it once the saucer was shaped it is much more patchy but I like it! - been a bit busy with my new chooks and sorting and attending a load of medical and social service appointments for my dear old dad, so not much time to do anything, so this isn't a very interesting read really is it LOL

Off out today on Dad duty, so I wont have time to look at too many desks, but I will do later I promise!
Meanwhile I have to say how honoured I am to be featured on - her words are too kind, but her generosity is not - Thank you Bleubeard and Elizabeth!


  1. I just had to show up before I went to bed for the night (or morning in your case). Your work space actually looks rather clean this week, even with all the detritus from HIS desk. How could he, especially on Wednesday when all us snoops pop in (grin). Hope you have a great day and get that new window so you have something to show us next week. LOVE that cup and saucer. I'm going to have to try that technique.

  2. Cant wait to see your boxes !Hopefully hubby will drop his chicken runs for more important storage in your craft room!lol
    Hvae great wednesday
    hugs judex:)

  3. I am thinking that still looks rather tidy for you :0) Love the finish on the saucer ... beautiful!

  4. I love the saucer too, fab colours.

  5. Hiya Nicks

    love your workspace so much creativity!!! I keep seeing the pic of that egg and it makes me giggle lol yay for your chicks!. Hope all goes ok for your dad.


  6. What a naughty OH you have - making you tidy up - then dumping his stuff = all in the same breath!!!

    Anyway - it IS an interesting read - because knowing that we all have real lives is what makes Julias desk hop so 'must do' and its how we get to know each other better.

    Love the saucer - looks so decedant. Well done on featuring on Elizabeths blog.

    Paula x x x

  7. How inconsiderate of OH to dump his stuff on your desk, making it look like you're the messy one ;) Love the effect on the saucer
    Anne x

  8. Doesn't he know it's wednesday, how dare he lol

    congrats on being featured and the saucer is lush.

  9. Fabby desk again hun and LOVE that foiling, looks really lush x Ohhh, and congrats on being featured too hun x

  10. I have boxes, people for some reason keep giving them to me...will look out for them next week! Have a crafty day

  11. mmm boxes.. couldn't work out if they were yours or not? like the saucer :)How's the chucks?

  12. Thanks for the peek, honestly, the cheek of men, doesn't he KNOW it's wednesday?
    big hugs
    En x

  13. Oh my goodness, you have man tat dumped on your desk!! How funny - our men think the same of our precious stuff. Appointments may not make the most exciting thing to read about but hey Nicks, thank goodnesss you're around to do them with him...ah, how I love being part of a close family, it really is such a reassurance. Good on ya gal.

  14. ha ha my hubbie does the same he always plonks bits on my craft table but would he like it if I plonked on his desk hee hee anyways your desk is fab and congrats on the blog thingymajig lol xx

  15. oh love your workspace,so much creativity too love cheryl xxxx

  16. Very tidy desk! Look forward to seeing your boxes. Hugs Pamx

  17. What an interesting desk- you've got little cubby holes for your stuff! The ATCs hanging over your workdesk looks really unique! Patsy from

  18. My man's craft room is worse than mine!Thankgoodness we don't share any more. It all looks fun. Hugs BettyXXX

  19. Its been lovely to have a mooch over your crafting space!

    Well done on your recent feature!

    Keryn ;0


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