Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Sunday Mix

Poor old Hels, the boss of The Sunday Stamper Challenge is feeling a bit under the weather ATM, well the shock of Nicks actually playing along this week will send her recovery well back. Late every Saturday night I check to see what the challenge is and have all good intentions, but then something happens or my mojo disappears and then before I know it its time for the next challenge. But today I decided I did need some 'me' / 'crafty' time and I did have a card I needed to make, so what better excuse did I need than to rise to Hels challenge?

So here it is, the theme was Red or Blue, or Red and Blue, stamping or no stamping. Poor Hels is being very kind and laid back with us this week, in fact I think if it was Green and Purple and made with cereal boxes she would let us get away with it!

I started by using my favourite ever Paperartsy stamp- I have used the smaller version of these Angels a zillion times, and recently bought the large version, which I stamped onto Shrink Plastic and shrunk, so its about the same size of the small version - lol that is Nicks logic - but it makes a lovely embellishment esp coated in UTEE.

It was supposed to be a plain and simple card, but it has turned into almost a mini book. These colours are was out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed making this and like the final result.

A few people have asked about my 'girls' as I have neglected my Sunday night blogging about them, so I thought I would share a few pictures of them I took today, but it's a bit difficult taking photos of them on their own these days but now they are free ranging in the garden most days now, this is the sight that greets me when I open the back door

They have all changed so much since we collected them from the rescue centre back in May.

We can tell them all apart, but Bebe who was the smallest and most bedraggled when she came to live with us, was the most recognisable. Not so much now as she has really filled up and at last has got feathers on her bottom!

and the only other one I managed to get a photo of today is Kentucky

Ain't they gorgeous??

Now talking of desks (oh we weren't?? well we are now!) I did have quite a tidy desk for last weeks WOYWW. Then I finished off the Board book, I was doing for last months DT project and then my desk looked like this..

see that space next to the left of the surgical spirit bottle?? That's where I ended up working...!!!
How did that happen?

I'll post the pictures of the finished article in a day or two once it has reached its new home.


  1. Gggorgeous card, am really loving the soft tones. You've done a great job with those chooks, so glad you're enjoyin ghtem.

  2. aw you made me LOL Nicks.. bless you for joinin in and being so lovely... cereal boxes with Green and Purple for next week then ;o) Anyways.. I LOVE YOUR card...and yes, I see the logic, cos... if you shrinked the ickle stamp it would be even ickler... (my speech is so being affected by my pain ROFL) And.. I LOVE your card.. hey, I said that already!!! As for your girls.. aw, they are all looking so plump and happy... they are lucky they got you as their Mummy.. am still working on Grim allowing me a couple... tis gonna be a hard slog to get him to agree though LOL Thanks for joinin in and hey... your desk... blimey, that is seriously messy which must mean you had a grand time creating! Hugs hun.. BTW.. the old back is worse than yesterday *sob* am off for a very hot bath!!! x

  3. Fabulous card Nicks and it is great to see "the girls" looking so well!

  4. Beautiful card Nick, chooks look good too!

  5. Beautiful card Nicks and love your choice of colours. Couldn't believe how your chicks have changed, they look in fabulous condition now. Enjoy your week, Annette x

  6. Hi Nicks - fabby card! Is that TSS blue metal I spy as the background? And your desk looks fabulously happy...

  7. Thank you all for your comments (dont think Hels noticed it was a bit pinker than redder!)

    Morti, its not actually the blue metal, that was a bit too blue for this project, so it is silver with Inka Gold - product is called gold but it comes in various colours


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