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old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

WOYWW and hey look what I have got

I did it, I did it.... every week I feel bad cos I haven't done it, or got anywhere near it,
 but this week I have! Drum-roll please!

I cant promise that I will do it again this week, but it was lovely to see so many lovely desks (and comforting to find that alot of people have 'creatively messy desks' like mine! (obviously this does not apply to Mrs B of Butlersabroad's desk, which is just creative not messy! xx)

Anyway what about today's desk? Well as usual it is actually WOYWLOT (What's On Your Work-desk Late on Tuesday) but you must admit even though I am mid project its not TOO bad!
I am making a very self indulgent project which will be revealed in December - Can you guess what it is yet?

But desks aside - A couple of friends came for coffee yesterday and whilst they were there a chap turned up to mend my washing machine, all OK so far, he removed the offending 5p which was causing the strange noises in my machine. Then ...... OMG one of the friends bent his ear asking about a problem she has with her washing machine. In order to answer her properly he opens up the cupboard under my sink to show her the pipework .......  Oh the Shame, Oh the Embarrassment! Well you can guess the rest!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good WOYWW everyone, and if you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about hop over and visit the The Queen of WOYWW - I've showed you mine, now you show me yours!

and one last thing, I need your help for something I am working on, The christmas period is a busy time for us all, esp us with young families, or for people who look after others needs during the festive period
What I need are some ideas of what you would like to do for some 'me' time Must not cost alot or indeed anything, or take up too much time so things like ......

Having a bubble bath
Painting your nails
A Hot chocolate with cream

What do you do to spoil yourself? would really appreciate your thoughts TIA!! 


  1. OH NO not the cupboard under the sink!!!!!

  2. Oh no - I would hate anyone to open the cupboard under my sink!! Love your desk today.

  3. By the sounds of the post your cupboard underneath the sink is as bad as
    Great desk cant wait to see the creation in december.
    hugs judex

  4. Hehehe I am chuckling here.....I think everyone has a cupboard like that under the sink :-)
    A x

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished project Nicks!.x

    me time?! lol, I try to make me time when I sit to do some cards, also when I get to slap me face cream on in the morning without having been rushed! simples really

  6. Hi ya Nicks
    lovely creative desk as always,look forward to seeing the end result, did laugh about ya cupboard! lol, well me time, cards of course, but couple of hours with cuppa choccie biccies n me book, no interuptions.have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (23)

  7. mmm what are you making I wonder! My treat is a piece of home made cake and coffee at my local very pretty garden centre and a walk around the plants afterwards! But maybe that is more than you mean. But a real treat for me was a cup of tea sitting in front of the TV watching Downton Abbey on a Sunday night. What will I do now it is finished!

  8. Loving all the inkyness on your desk!
    Maria inkymits x
    #84 i think

  9. Hey Missus, you may have got me on the clean desk bit but at least I don't have a farting dog!!

    I could be really pious here and say that I don't have a cupboard under the sink but it's be a lie!

    Simple pleasures would be a bit of peace and quiet, or a lovely soak in the bath. If you had kids, then perhaps an offer to babysit them would be nice too!

    Brenda 90

  10. You have some interesting metallic things on your desk....can't wait to see what you make.
    sue xx 60

  11. oh I am getting excited.. ooh sorry shouldn't have said anything.. cannot wait :)) my lips are sealed
    great working desk, and as for washing machines.. well mine has a bra wire in it.. oh the shame of it!!

  12. What a lovely creative desk. Some time to spend browsing the crafting blogs would be heaven for me. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 35)

  13. Just love your desk especially the syrup tins!! Great bit of recycling there!
    I can just imagine you having you cupboard exposed... it's happened to me but I always tell the viewers that now they don't have to worry cleaning up for me!
    For some "me time" I'd love to have someone do my cleaning ready for my Christmas visitors so I didn't have to waste good crafting time then I could later sit and enjoy a glass of red wine and some ginger chocs after spending time crafting, without feeling like I should be doing the cleaning.
    JoZarty x

  14. Love your workspace - cant wait to see the christmas creation - for me time I like a glass of baileys and some chocolate as I nosey as peoples blogs x lol

  15. Great artwork there -isnt that inka gold paint just fab! Have no idea what you are making though. To treat myself I like an empty house and a good book! works for me. Also thanks for commenting on my blog last week - sorry I didnt get back round to you but it was just one of those weeks! (no. 45)

  16. Great desk, as ever, Nicks! Hmmmmm, me time???? Something in short supply with me lately, so it's been on my about..

    An uninterrupted hour at my desk to be creative

    An uninterrupted hour with my book and a snuggly blanket

    An uninterrupted couple of hours with a DVD

    An unint.....ok, there's a theme emerging here...........

    Sitting and looking through some photo albums
    An afternoon snooze
    Bubble bath and time to blow dry/straighten/moisturise all in one go.....
    A family board games afternoon
    Trip to an art gallery

    Sounds interesting, whatever it is...:)

  17. I just spent ages writing a comment and was clicking off the page only to see the word verification post pop up and my comment disappeared!!!Grrrrrrrr!
    I'll try again! Shortened version!
    Great WIP and congrats on visiting everyone last week!

  18. Great space - as to the me time, I just write or craft ;)

  19. WOW you visited everyone -phew Nicks, congrats.
    Can't wait to see what you make there.

    me time? mmmm crafting or enjoying the sky and the elements outdoors- gazing out of the window if weather bad, or a flask in the car by the sea. I love to watch things blowing about in the breeze.

  20. Oooh whatever your in-progress project is, it looks messy and intruiging and pretty! :)

    Can I just also say that I *love* your funky storage solution of using old syrup tins etc to store pens and things! :D

    Ali #115


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