Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Monday, 3 January 2011


Geddit????  Bookwrecked/Shipwrecked.....   ha ha ha .... Oh you don't ... never mind ....... 

Last day of the holidays today, so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch out at our favourite Fish and Chip Restaurant - Mary Jaynes in Cromer. If you ever go to Cromer then you must buy your chips there, they used to be the best chips in Norfolk (IOHO) but they have now been relegated  to 2nd place - anyone attending HugBinders and staying for supper will have the treat of Norfolk's No:1 chips. 

Anyway back to the plot, we had our treat and then went down to the beach, but not before completing one of the challenges of dropping the WTJ from a great height.. well I threw it for a more dramatic effect - which also had a dramatic effect on a few onlookers!

My beloved book fell to the ground virtually unscathed... so we decided to take a dramatic photo of it very close to the water. 
Aha.... we forgot the Theory that every 6th wave comes in further than the rest.... Whilst OH was practising his arty shot, the 6th wave came in!! Matt went into full scale panic and fell into the water in his manly attempt to save the Damsel aka my WTJ - I, on the other hand was very chuffed! Karma I believe!


  1. Cromer F&C are the best - take it from me - yummy

  2. When we lived in Lowestoft we went there while visiting good old Cromer for our F/C, terrific. Great photos Nicks. x

  3. Oops! haven't done mauch damage to mine yet except the page poking holes with a pencil...

  4. That poor abused journal! Looks like fun.....!

  5. Good pics but you are mad of course !

  6. Garry mentioned today "do you remember that fish and chip shop we went to when we went to Nicks?" And I even remembered the name too! lol Looking forward to the No1 chip shop in Norfolk when we are down for Hugbinders in March!

  7. I am having strange thoughts of a scratch & sniff exercise being carried out on all these wrecked journals. Hmmm, champagne & chocolate - that'll be Debs. Salt (with a hint of vinegar) - must be Nicks.

    Keep enjoying that wrecking - your readers certainly are!

    P.S Can I steal a chip?

  8. Karma?! the Journal is asking you do it! lol It's like pepparami - come back and finish me off! lol

  9. The chorus from Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal comes to mind

    Some people think I’m bonkers
    But I just think I’m free
    Man I’m just living my life
    There nothing crazy about me
    Some people pay for thrills
    but I get mine for free
    Man I’m just living my life
    There nothing crazy about me

    Roflmao! Brilliant post.

  10. Those are awesome shots of the book on the journal! I just found this blog through the links of a new follower on mine and look forward to reading more! You have a new follower:)


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