Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

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Monday, 21 March 2011

As if I need more 'stash' (and a tutorial link)

for anyone who has seen my rather small (but organised in MY way) craft room will know that it is about to burst open at the seams if I try to fit anymore stuff in it! But when my DH announced that he wanted to visit Mini Scrapbox/ who was I to refuse accompanying him?? (click on the link if you don't know what I am talking about!) You never know what they will have but you can be sure there will be something that you 'need' 
Here are a few pictures of the stuff I absolutely could not live without and now need to find a home for! All bought for pennies!

Lace, ribbon, Tiles (to bake clay on) Foam rollers, Kapok, Film Canisters (you don't get these so easily now  and they are perfect for storing glitter, micro beads and bits and pieces) 
A Huge stash of Keys for - yep your eyes do not deceive you - 50p!

and a whole load of leather swatches in gorgeous grungy colours.

But I haven't had time to play with any of my haul yet, as I have borrowed Sir Tim's 'Compendium of Curiosities and have had a play with a few techniques, and I have been experimenting making 'reconstructed' paper as detailed in Cloth Paper Scissors (I am loving that mag and not regretting changing my subscription from Somerset Studio to it) 

It looks glorious in real life I promise you! 

and talking of Cloth Paper Scissors .... my last posting was about some newspaper flowers that I made following an article in the mag. Several people have asked me if I could post a tutorial on how to make them. This leaves me in a difficult position as I don't think its 'right' to steal/copy the article and post it on my blog, esp since it is a current issue, but I had a google and found this very similar tutorial on another blog,  I think that's ok to share, so here it is if you want to take a look 

that's about it for now, just one last thing, a card I made for a dear friends, parents Golden wedding.

a very simple stamped and matted card, but the background was the result of playing with my new AirBrush - it didn't go as planned but was a 'happy accident' because IMHO it looked very effective. 

Right that really is it - enough waffling for now....


  1. Oh what did you DH need there! I wish my DH would like going to such places! It sounds like a super place! Super card, it is very effective. The paper looks pretty good too!

  2. Thought you were going to say it was my birthday card then Nicks! lol Are those metal things the bits off old computer floppy disks? I've thrown loads of those away - never thought about saving the metal bits! Will have to see if I've got any old disks hidden away!

  3. Nice stash! Could have smuggled me in to!!!

    Lovely card. xxx

  4. Great bargains Nicks....... Love your reconstructed paper, such terrific colours and textures and wow that airbrushing is fabulous. Have a great week. Annette x

  5. beautiful card and... WOWZERS all THAT stash!! YOu know hun, you will ALWAYS need more... tis inbuilt in us crafters that what we have is never enough... no rhyme or reason... just because ROFL LOVE that leather... oooh, next time you go can you get me some please, Victor needs feeding lmao xx

  6. stash and a half and what a bargin !!!! us crafters can never have to much :)

  7. Ooo a great stash for not much cash lol.
    I love cloth paper sissors it is my must have magazine and I am lucky that a local shop near me stocks a lot of american mags. I had a go at the felting mentioned in the jan/feb issue. It's an inspiring magazine.

  8. Fabulous finds - especially love those leather swatches.

    Could I ask where you get your Cloth Paper Scissors subscription from? I used to get Somerset Studios from LB Crafts but they no longer supply it and I've been thinking of subscribing to CPS for a while now instead.

    Lovely card - it looks as though it's glowing!

  9. My worst 'stash' store is the local $1.25 store. A quick trip down their craft aisle with the intention of buying 'just' those mimi sparkle gel pens....


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