Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tatty (as opposed to my Tat)

Finally received my order of Tatty Button stamps - nearly bit the posties hand off cos I had waited ages for them to arrive!
Had a play making a Birthday Card for a forum friend - to be honest I think its more suitable for one of my daughters teenage friends, but I am sure BIC is a teenager at heart!
I wanted to use alcohol inks on this card as BIC had emailed me with a puzzling problem - which is still puzzling me! When she used the metallic mixatives with her alcohol inks, they rub off quite easily - cant say I have ever had this problem and it seems whatever she tries - different paper, heat setting etc etc the problem isnt resolved, any ideas anyone?? (or I am wondering if she just has a dodgy bottle)

Back to the stamps - designed by my lovely talented bloggy friend Ange Lee. I just love them, I dont do cute, but the Stampotique people are just TOO grungy/off the wall for me (plus I refuse to buy wood mounted stamps anymore) but these are nicely in the middle - they can be cute or you can grunge her up a bit - and MOST importantly, she has a mouth!!

Off to Ally Pally this weekend, sure there is nothing I need but loads I want!! esp now since i have seen a couple of Jennies new stamps 

(oh if anyone is wondering where my WOYWW is this week - my dearest OH told me last night I had to clear my craft room as he has arranged for an electrician to come in tomorrow to do a few jobs - anyone who has seen my craft room knows that this is no mean feat - so I promise you you DO NOT want to see my desk today !


  1. I am off to AP as well on Saturday, though I am on a strict don't buy much regime as I may have to look for a new job.... but I am looking forward to it. Don't think I've had problems with AI's rubbing off.
    The card is great, and I hope you get your desk sorted soon!!

  2. You didn't mention you are staying with your Bessie Mate !!!
    Love the card and I am sure BIC will too
    See ya tomorrow - can't wait, red top will be waiting xx

  3. Loving your Tatty Button, must have been murder to cut out though, so tiny. Definitely have to have stamps with mouths, unless they are faceless of course. Have a great time with Sparkles at Ally Pally. Annette x

  4. Fab Tatty! I used some bronze mixative with other inks t'other day on a bamboo tile and the mixative dried to a granular/powdery finish. I just thought it may have been because it's a really old bottle.

  5. Awe, this did make me smile! I LOVE it!!! x

  6. love this card the image is fab. I have no idea about the mixative i have never heard of this either

  7. Very cute little card and I did enjoy hopping through your blog. Fun to read and stroll through the pics.

  8. The card is beautiful and it has turned me itno a teenager again!! Love BIC xx

  9. Hi. I'm just dropping a quick note to all of Birdflyingnorth blog followers that I am now at: I wanted to go in a new more arts centered creative direction so please come and follow on this continueing art adventure:)


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