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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WOYWW today?????

Well it was tidy before I went to Kent to see the Bessie last weekend - it had to be because my darling husband suddenly announced on Tuesday night 'oh i have arranged for an electrician to come in on Thursday to do a few jobs so could you just clear your craft room?' .....!!!!! '
JUST CLEAR YOUR CRAFTROOM'??  yeah right, that's easy HUH! 
Oh well I had to buckle down and do it, and i have to admit when I came back from Kent it was nice to see it nice and tidy but it didn't stay that way for long as you can see!

 You may have noticed that I didn't say back from Ally Pally.. we made a last minute decision not to go, although we had tickets and packed up our rolls. The weather was so glorious and we didnt fancy a drive through london and walking round a stuffy hall, plus another few reasons,  we opted instead, for a ride out to The Craft Barn (well we had to get our crafty spend fix somehow!) and a picnic at Wakehurst Place (or is it park??) 
and what a lovely day we had! But then time spent with Mrs Bessie is always lovely.

Back to the desk... 
Here are a few of the purchases I made at The Craft Barn... embossing boards, masks, stencils and a couple of stamps - plus in the piccy above you may have spied some distress stains, chalk sprays and alcohol inks, and some new POSCA pens, that were recommended from someone commenting on my blog, after I had said that I had trouble writing over wax pastels. They are great!! Its great when people share their crafty expertise!

and here is a Journal page that I have been working on for a while - I am loving my journal - its no great WOA but it is a book with lots of playing and experimenting with different media 

Sadly yesterday one of our chooks passed away to the great Chicken Coop in the sky - so sadness in this house - but we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that although we had only had her for nearly a year, her last year was a good year for her after spending the beginning of her life in a cage with several other birds.
RIP Susie
But...... meet the soon to be new addition to the family! We went to meet our new puppy for the first time yesterday, I am sure if I am not careful she may well be on my workdesk one day!

32 sleeps till we can bring her home - cant wait!

oh and one last thing... The money raised for MacMillan through HugBinders has now reached over £4000! 
Again I want to thank EVERYONE who helped raise this incredible amount!!


  1. Great journal pages - sorry to hear about your Susie. But your puppy is so cute look forward to see more photos ~ Happy Wednesday ~ Nicky

  2. Awww, look at those paws! That may be another good reason for the craft room tidying (I think that you were very restrained when asked to "just clear your craft room"...aargh, what a thought!). Glad you had a fine crafty weekend in the sun, and congrats on those Hugbinders totals.
    Bernie x

  3. OMG...Adorable comes to mind and oh yes i do hope pup lands on the work desk!Icant beleive next week it will be a year since we brought ours home.time goes so quickly!
    Your journal pages are lovely glad you enjoyed your trip to the craft barn.Happy Wednesday
    hugs Judex3

  4. Oh wow, I'd need a month to clear my craft stuff! Well done you! RIP Susie :( COngrats on the puppy and the Hugbinders money.

    Really interested to know what you think of the chalk sprays, I resisted them and bought a couple more cosmic shimmer colours, but it's been nagging at me ever since.

    Have a good day. Lisa Sparkle #38

  5. Cute puppie! Looking forward to seeing him again in a later edition. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Haven't been to Wakehurst (it is Place) for years.

  6. Gorgeous little puppy but me thinks she may well not stay little for long looking at those paws :-)
    A x

  7. Gosh I would need a month or two to clear my craft room - lol. Love your journal page and looks like you had a nice crafty fix with your new purchases and oh my what a gorgeous bundle on puppy love you have got there - thanks for sharing


  8. Hi Nicks
    i did laugh at just clear the craftroom!! congratulations on raising so much money, fantastic hun, your puppy is adorav=ble bet you cant wait to get him, sorry you lost one of ya chicks,thanks for the snoop, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(10).x

  9. Your new puppy has such a sweet face! I probably would have heart failure if my husband told me to just clear my craft room! It is such a mess. Looks like you had a lot of fun with Bessie and came home with a load of stash. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  10. Great work, great pup and great post!

  11. Firstly I adore your journal pages, so outer space looking.
    Sorry you lost Susie, but pleased for you about the adorable pup.
    Congratulations on all the money raised.
    Phew, think thats about it, oh no forgot about your Bessie......such a special lady. OK am off Annette x

  12. Aswan how adorable is your pup. Sorry to hear about Suzie but good news that she had a great year. Great journal page and some lovely purchases too. Tracy x

  13. See you've bought the sunburst folder too. You'll have to let me know what you make with it as I've got no idea at the moment! lol

    Ha ha, the word verification that has just come up is wimp - I feel like one not having any idea what to do with the folder!!!

  14. Oh my - you and I have so much in common - a husband who would announce that same kind of thing without any notice!! A trip to the Craft Barn, I've been there twice in the last month (it's amazing isn't it - we spentnearly a whole day there) and you have / are getting a chocolate labrador (we had one of those and loved her to bits - sadly she passed away a couple of years ago). Also we are both fans of wreck this journal - I LOVE that so much - it's such fun! Have you been in the shower with it yet??
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (84) x

  15. Sorry about your lovely chick, but the new pup looks smashing - bet he'll be a bit of a handful. So you have smart new lighting in your craft room? - def worth the clear out.
    I missed AllyPally too. Your day out sounded lovely - I think I can spy some Claudine stamps too - lush!
    Congrats on being the force behind raising all that money x

  16. Love the puppy! You are in for many years of laughter and fun. I had my dear dog from 10 weeks to 13 years. I just had to have her put down two years ago because of breast cancer. Best friend I could ever grown up with! :)

  17. What a great puppy he will cause havoc ...worth it though. Non crafters have no idea what a job it is to clear a craft room ...especially if they are male lol

  18. Oh yeah, clearing the craft room in one evening - I can do that!!! Get you and your Bessie being all young and flexible in your planning...glad it still involved crafty shopping though! I'm enjoying your journal too.

  19. Hi Nicks - so sorry about your chook but as you say - at least she had a lovely last year with you. As for that gorgeous little bundle - well, what can I say! A real cutie that's for sure!Have you decided on a name? You'll certainly be busy (too busy for crafting maybe?!)once he comes home!

    I am in the middle of "sorting" my craft room - much to hubby's delight! He keeps muttering somethiong about skips! Viv xx

  20. Awesome creative desk...looks very well played in! And yes it's always stressful when someone has to come in...uh oh...hopefully not in the craft!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW!

    I have some yummy candy on my blog if you'd like to check it out! :D

    My Blog Candy!

    xx Tracey xx

  21. Oooooh puppy!!!! Lucky lucky you! I can almost smell the puppy smell from here! I have 2 black labs and they really are the best dogs ever!
    Oh ya, WOYWW, sorry got too excited about the puppy, lol!
    Your desk looks so crafty! Love it! And it looks like you picked up a great bit of stash on your trip!
    xoxo Karen

  22. What a cute little puppy he is. My DD is fetching her new little one from the SPCA tomorrow, so there is great excitement around here.
    Looks like you had a great shopping trip, I can see some inspiring things lurking on your desk.
    Happy very belated WOYWW


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