Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Waste Not Want Not!!

Think I have used that title before but I am going to use it again because - well because I can and in this case I should.. I was in my craftroom today trying to get it back to some kind of normality after Matts immortal words last week. At Hugbinders Fuchsia brought along some very handy 'J cloth' type things for people to use. There were some left over which somehow :-P found their way back here in my stash. I have been using one to mop up inks and paints whilst doing some journal backgrounds and playing with my new Distress Stains. I was about to throw it away - but couldn's cos it looked too blooming lovely.

Bang goes any efforts of tidying up!

I cut it into quarters and ran it through my Wizard, using Sir Tims Flower die 
Stiffened the flowers with Fabric Stiffener (what a great idea to use that LOL) and layered the flowers up - the stiffener wont stick the layers together, but they will take on each others shape as they dry. 
I stuck them together with glossy accents and embellished them with brads and buttons and made some leaves with grunge paper and a piece of leather.

Pretty cool for something that was nearly thrown in the bin dont you think? Of course the colours can never be replicated, because its pot luck on how the cloth turns out, but I wont be throwing the next one away!

Now I suppose I should go and finish organising the craftroom!!


  1. What amazing flowers! Love your creativity.

  2. Very, very pretty Nicky, I did a blog a while ago about reusing wipes, so I can't throw them away either.

  3. These are great Nicky.....and we love waste not want not. Have a lovely week, Annette x

  4. this is fantastic...i was wondering what a wizard is...take

  5. Fantastic use of a 'leftover' something. Would never have thought of it myself but love what you've created. Penny

  6. Absolutely stunning ! Will go through the bin bag now lol
    Sparkles x

  7. LOL!
    How cool are they !
    love them
    Clever clogs x

  8. Thrifty and talented! They're beautiful.

  9. more great work. And yes, I also need to organize my small studio space...again..:P

  10. Oh well done you - such vision..all I would have seen was a splodgy cloth!

  11. They look great Nicks. Looks like you spent hours water colouring them.

    Smarty Pants.

  12. oh gosh, the amount of inky baby wipes I have thrown away......
    better save them up now!

  13. What a fabulous idea ~ and with stunning results!


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