Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Monday, 3 October 2011

One Extreme To The Other!!!!

After weeks of no mojo and therefore no creating and therefore no blogging, this is my second blog post of the day.... So I think this is a valid entry for Hels' Sunday Stamper Challenge 

I have done a couple of pages for my Ocotpode Story Book, you will have to work backwards through my blog to read the whole 'story' but when its finished I will do a post with them all in order.
I have read alot recently about people stealing Digi Images, this is an abhorrent thing to do, it is actually stealing and affects people's livelihood. This also includes sharing images with your friends, images that you have legitimately bought yourself, even if it is a best mate. Having said that, when I went down to see Mrs Bessie a week ago, she asked me to show her how to buy, download and use Lily's Digi Stamps. This I did, and then I coloured a couple we printed off using my new Promarkers I had bought that day at Ally Pally and brought the images home to use myself, this would be naughty but since I have now bought the self same images from Lily's Etsy shop I think its OK. I hope no-one ever steals the lovely Lily's lovely images, she is such an entrepreneur she deserves better treatment than that - Go buy them!

I have been a bit of a stranger to The Octopodes Factory's Friday Challenge recently, but I am back on track, This weeks challenge is MEN, who said you cant have a male Angel??

I had a play with some of my AP purchase on this one. I was a bit confused by the new Picket Fence (white to you) Distress Stain. Jennie AKA The Artistic Stamper gave me a quick demo but I can't really remember what she said (note to self pay attention to Jennie) but I had a play today (I hear there is a video by Sir Tim, but I like to have a play myself and then look to see how it should be done) 
I did some zigzags on the white background and then covered the whole page in Barn Door Distress Stain, as you can see it reacts differently. A rather naive play but it has great possibilities. I also had a play with a  new 'Scribble' mask I bought from LBcrafts - going to be one of my favourites I think!!

UPDATE... I have added a 'page' so you can see the book pages in order, 
click on the link at the top of the blog if you would like to take a look xx


  1. Absolutely fantastic glad you are back in the groove !

    I would also like to say I would never share my digi stamps around as I totally agree with you x

  2. OMG those pages are fab.
    If anyone asked for my digi images I would send them the link to buy them!
    Anyone forwarding the image are breaching the copyright and they are aiding and abetting.

  3. Two wonderful pieces of art, both of them.

  4. Beautiful, really enjoyed seeing these. And I agree with Debs - send them that link!

  5. Fabbydabbydoodle pages Nicks... am LOVING the inkiness.. and the Octopode too... and I am with you.. I really hope that people don't think that they can "share" their digi downloads... for what they cost, surely it is better all round to buy them for yourself... Lily works real hard and does amazing drawings and then shares them with us... tis only right and proper that we pay for them! (gets off soapbox) Anyways... Thanks for joining in and sharing your creativity with me... tis looking like my old Mojo is nearly home... phew! x


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