Someday, the altered art you make today will be
old, faded, falling apart, and someone else will salvage the bits and use them
in new altered art.It's the best that any piece of art can hope for

~ anon~

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The End............

 Finally my book is finished, here are the last three pages, to see it in its entirety you can click on the link above. The book was inspired by Lily Chilvers - designer of The Octopode Factory images. One of the first things I noticed on Lily's blog when I first discovered her was her quote - 'There once was a girl who wanted to conquer the world' and that's how the story started..
The story is however really about me - I come from a family, my mother was very talented, crafty wise and my dad can knock up a pretty mean painting but I was always fairly inadequate in the drawing sense but I always loved making things, sadly at school in the 70's - if you couldn't draw you weren't considered arty. I did scrape through my exams and got a CSE ( that shows my age!) grade One - but I will admit to the world now that was only because I 'borrowed' some work produced by my dad and my sister! About the only work actually done by me was a couple of Batik's - which I must say were pretty good - why oh why didn't anyone in those days pick up on the fact that to be creative you didn't have to be a superb 'fine' artist

Fortunately things these days have changed in school - speaking to my daughters Art teacher, she says sadly my story is one she hears much too often. Art in school these days is so much more that paint, pencils and cartridge paper.
The quote above is by Erin Partridge an Art Therapist - it really sums up the ethos of my book

So what are you waiting for??

The End.....

PS, FAO Lily.... I really hope you do conquer the world


  1. Your book is wonderful. So expressive, colouful and full of lovely thoughts.
    Now, who are you giving it to [batting eyelids ROFL] ?
    Sparkles xx

  2. What a great quote! Well done for finishing your journal. I too remember CSE's - I got moved down to CSE maths because I wasn't good enough for O Level! Never did Art - for the same reasons you found!

  3. Such a shame it has ended !
    fab work x

  4. Fabulous Nicks, well done! I was hopeless at art at school, not much better now!!! lol

  5. Your book speaks for many of us!
    Thanks for telling your (and our) story!

  6. Great artwork again Nicks!

    greetings, Alie :-)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. even now at school they do not accept other types of 'art' i was told that yes it's quirky and different but i'd never make a living out of it. Art at school is nothing to do with being artistic, it's about copying other peoples work. no originality is allowed.

    this is great Nicks. such an inspiration and i'm glad i inspired you.

    lily x

  9. You must be absolutely delighted with this book Nicks! Its really beautiful, I adore all the lovely colours and that there is 'you' in it!!! Oh and don't you ever forget that a CSE gd 1 was the same as an O level, HUGS xxx

  10. Nicks I have lost your email address. We have an addition to the family :-)

  11. Gorgeous pages love the brightness of the colors,.

  12. Lol she will once she perfects her recall ! ;-) x

  13. Your book is simply classic. So full of great imagery and quotes worth remembering.


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